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Creepy or Cute: Spin Master’s Luvabella Doll Bears Scary Resemblance to Annabelle

Last December, United Kingdom–based company Spin Master produced the Hatchimals, which turned out to be the most in-demand toy of the season. Hatchimals was such a huge hit, people paid four times the actual amount on eBay.

Now Spin Master is back with yet another unique toy that is predicted to be one of the most popular Christmas gift ideas this year—that is, if parents aren’t too creeped out by it already.

The Luvabella Doll’s Resemblance to Anabelle Is Freaking Out Parents

The Luvabella Doll is a toy that displays an extraordinary level of artificial intelligence. It is scheduled to hit store shelves and online stores in October. Luvabella is designed to respond to affection, giggle, fall asleep, and speak with 100 words in its vocabulary.

Obviously, the company had marketed this doll to appeal to children. But based on the reactions, not everyone is on board with the idea of letting Luvabella into their homes. The “must-have” doll of the season has been branded as Annabelle’s little sister. For those of you who don’t know who the menacing doll is, Annabelle is a raggedy Ann doll that is believed to be possessed by a demon that gives it the ability to talk and torment its owners (or victims). The doll later became the inspiration behind a few Annabelle movies.

To make matters worse for Luvabella, the doll’s commercials come a few months after Annabelle: Creation was released in cinemas.

“This doll looks like Annabelle’s little sister! Who in their right mind is going to give this creepy looking doll to their child? I know three kids who will start crying and hit their parents with this thing,” a Facebook user commented on Luvabella’s official page.

Another commenter echoed her sentiments, writing, “Looks like an infant Annabelle!”

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Annabell Look A Like

Regardless of the outcry, Spin Master remains positive with Luvabella’s release. Senior vice president James Martin told HuffPost UK:

“Through careful research and development, Spin Master perfected Luvabella over three years to create the most interactive and lifelike doll ever. We are thrilled that Luvabella is predicted to be in hot demand even before her October launch, and this clearly suggests the toy industry’s confidence in this unique new doll.”

Luvabella also comes with a male version (no, it’s not Chucky) named Luvabeau. Other ethnicities will be made available as well. If you aren’t too freaked out by its appearance, then maybe its price tag will give you chills—Luvabella will retail for a whopping $162 as it hits shelves just in time for Christmas season.

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