Hurricane Harvey Broadcast

News Reporter Handed Beer by Friendly Texan During Hurricane Harvey Broadcast

With the damage it has caused, Hurricane Harvey is simply one of the worst storms to ever hit the United States. The first major hurricane to strike the country since Wilma in 2005, Harvey caused 71 confirmed deaths, 70 of which were reported in the United States and 1 in the South American country of Guyana.

The biggest impact of Harvey was felt by the state of Texas, with winds as fast as 130 mph slamming the coasts. Economic losses were believed to have summed up to $70 to $200 billion. Thousands were left homeless, properties were destroyed, and more individuals were left traumatized in the aftermath of the devastating storm.

But amid the heartbreaking tragedy comes a rare reason to smile. Read all about this amusing interaction between a news reporter and a high-spirited Texan woman below.

Woman Hands Reporter Beer During Hurricane Harvey Broadcast

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a cold can of beer after a long day! Well, this woman certainly had that in mind when she handed a six-pack of beer to a struggling reporter.

Dallas-based FOX News reporter Casey Stegall was right in the middle of a Hurricane Harvey broadcast when it hit the resort city of Galveston. He bravely stood in the middle of the extreme wind and unforgiving rains as the storm made landfall and hit the coast.

As Stegall continued to complete his reporting duties, a well-wisher appeared out of nowhere to give him the bubbly drink. Before he had the time to thank her, she had run off.

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Handed by Passerby

At first, Stegall appeared to be confused about the woman’s intentions. But when he finally came to his senses, he couldn’t help but laugh. Stegall then placed the pack of beer on the ground and continued his report on the threatening weather.

Upon closer look, the woman appears to have handed the reporter a pack of Galveston Island Brewing’s TIKI Wheat. The company has already made it clear that the woman has no ties to the company whatsoever and that she was merely showing “Southern hospitality at its finest.”

As for Stegall, the news reporter has since thanked the stranger for her gesture on his Twitter page. He added that he did, in fact, get the chance to enjoy the beer after the cameras stopped rolling.

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