Magnificent Trees to Marvel at Around The World

Magnificent Trees to Marvel at Around The World


Trees come in all characters: some are exotic, some are fragrant; others are fruitful and simply adorable. As it is summertime in some parts of the world this time, let us discover some exceptional trees that could make the perfect spot for idling around and getting some shade from the heat of the sun.

Dragon Blood Tree

This mysterious-looking  tree can be found in the Socotra Island, also an alien-looking island in the Indian Ocean. The tree produces red resin that are probably be used in lipsticks, ritual magic and alchemy. It can also be used as a breath freshener or even toothpaste.

Cannonball Tree

Native to the northern parts of South American and the Caribbean, these trees require warning sings under it for its fruits can be deadly. They are more than ten inches in diameter and fall down once ripe.

The brighter side of this tree is that it produces attractive flowers. Just be careful not to move too near the tree or else…

Bombax Tree

This exotic tree is also known as the “Silk Cotton Tree.” It belongs to the Baobab family which originated from India. Its bright flowers add color to many streets in Middle East and Asia. Their intense colors make them look like they’re made of plastic.




Bombax trees could be as gigantic as this Bombax tree at the Ta Prom temple in Cambodia (left). On the right is a huge bombax root in India.

If you find these trees to big for your tiny backyard, maybe a miniature of it will delight you. Bombax trees can be grown as bonsai trees out of a singled-planted seed. On the right is Bombax Ellipticum which looks like turtle’s shell.

Cypress Tree

Thes massive Cypress trees standing in the waters of Lake Camecuaro, Mexico is an incredible tangle of roots.




“Upside Down” Trees

This tree comes in many weird-looking shapes, like this one which looks like it was planted upside down (left) or may be shaped like a bottle (right). Their swollen trunks are used to store water and they store as much as 31,700 gallon (120,000 l) of water. Some trunks are big enough that they were used as prisons in Western Australia.

The fruits of this baobab tree are called “Judas’ Fruit” because the fruit has 30 seeds inside, representing 30 pieces of silver. Its beautiful creamy white flowers are pollinated by bats.

These majestic trees can be best photographed at the Baobab Avenue in Madagascar. It is one of the most magical spot in the world, and is one of the seven wonders of Africa.

Banyan Tree

Known to be the most sheltering tree as its branches spread out wonderfully providing a huge shadow below it. The Banyan Tree is also the national tree of India. Indians often do their religious rituals under this tree.




Take a look at this picture. It’s not a forest of Banyan trees that you see but they are the aerial roots of one single Banyan tree. Yes, these trees are that great that it can create a forest with just one single tree. In fact, it is considered to be the widest tree in the world in terms of the area of its canopy.

Walking Tree

Here’s another tree with aerial roots that looks like legs. Walking Trees are equipped with unusual “stilt roots” that gives it more stability.

The African Tulip Tree

Spathodea Tree, or “the Flame of the Forest” are potent invasive species but is often planted in urban areas. It’s orange blooms are very lovely to look at which makes them as perfect shades in parks. Its flowers are pollinated by bats.




Jacaranda tree

This purple-flowered tree is a jewel of Australia and New Zealand.

Elephant Apple Tree

Elephant Apple Trees (Dillenia Indica), are found mostly in India.

Very interesting Elephant Apple Tree (Dillenia Indica), found mostly in India:


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