Make-up Artist Turns Her Face & Lips into Famous Cartoon Characters

Make-up Artist Turns Her Face & Lips into Famous Cartoon Characters


Face paint isn’t just about painting a rainbow on your cheek or cat whiskers anymore. Laura Jenkinson is taking the term “face paint” to a whole new level and she’s doing it with her lip art. Jenkinson’s designs show off her extreme talent to detail and they are so good you almost forget you’re looking at her lips.  It’s like cosplay for your face.

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Lip makeup - Powerpuff Girls

Jenkinson has been painting cartoons and characters onto her lips since around 2012. The subjects of her paintings have included animals like dogs, elephants and monkeys. She also is a whiz at drawing cartoon characters like  The Powerpuff Girls, Mario, the crew from Monsters Inc and much more.

Her blog and Instagram feature a ton of examples of lip art, and even if they’re strange, they show off her expertise with makeup brushes. The resemblances are solid, and she also adds texture, shadows and highlights to make the character blend into her own lips absolutely perfectly.

Jenkinson told media that she uses theatre makeup to get the rather unusual makeup than using regular lipstick. She says she finds it easier to draw the characters on her own chin than others, and she creates the cartoons by sticking  a reference image up directly next to the mirror as a guide and just working from there. Wow, she makes it sound so simple.


Check out her awesome work below:


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