Man Puts Hand Close to a Whip Spider and Soon Realizes It’s Not Really a Good Idea

Man Puts Hand Close to a Whip Spider and Soon Realizes It’s Not Really a Good Idea

If you’d be asked to whip this spider in exchange of money, would you do it?

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Crawling creepy creatures don’t really make people excited. Bugs even cause people to scream their lungs out. But actually, there are those who, instead of running away, would rather come close to these insects out of curiosity, like the guy in this video.

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The insect in the video is a long-legged species called the Euphrynichus amanica, or more commonly known as a whip spider or tailless whip scorpion. It can grow its leg up to 40 cm and can be found mainly in Kenya and Tanzania.

Well, apparently, the guy in the viral clip tries placing his hand near the whip spider, probably thinking it will do him no harm. But it turns out his approach to this not-so-loving creature is something you should never consider doing yourself.  

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While whip spiders don’t have venomous fangs and only bite humans if they feel gravely threatened, putting your finger close enough to touch its claws might still be a bad idea.

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