Man Shares Heartwarming Relationship With Movie Star Grizzlies

Man Shares Heartwarming Relationship With Movie Star Grizzlies

Frolicking around with a 650 kilogram beast is not for everyone. Luckily, Doug and his wife Lynne Seus are seasoned professionals, coupled with enough experience to handle grizzly bears.

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Their relationship with these animals has gone on for several years, and they continue to do so in their Utah ranch. In 1973, the couple took in Bart The Bear, a 9-foot Alaskan who has graced the big screen. Bart The Bear has gone on to star in films alongside Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins. He even got an Oscar nod for the 1988 film The Bear.

Sadly, Bart The Bear died in 2000 after battling cancer. His body was laid to rest in the Seus’ ranch.

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Nowadays, the couple continues Bart The Bear’s legacy with his successors Bart The Bear 2, Honey Bump, and Tank. The grizzlies have starred in Game of Thrones as well as appearing in the film Legends Of The Fall.

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One of the most notable roles that the bears have bagged was as Archie the bear in Dr. Doolittle 2. That role was given to 7’2″ Tank. Brother and sister Bart 2 and Honey Bump have starred in Game of Thrones and Evan Almighty respectively. The bears have been trained to do numerous tricks such as yoga and even gymnastics.

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The bears also use their image for good, serving as ambassadors for the Seus’ charity Vital Ground which aims to protect the natural habitat of grizzly bears. Currently, most of these animals are in danger as illegal logging and bear hunting has been rapidly increasing over the years.

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Doug and Lynne’s relationship with their grizzlies do not send a message that these animals are to be made as domesticated pets. After all, it took them many years to really understand their behavioral patterns and get them to ease up to humans. Instead, they choose to show the world how this heartwarming relationship is based on mutual respect.

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