Meet the 8 Hottest Celebrity Brunettes

Meet the 8 Hottest Celebrity Brunettes

Deciding which hair color a woman is better suited to would depend on a person’s preference. There is no one right answer. Some men like brunettes, and some love blondes. Celebrities are among the people who like to experiment with their looks and hair color.

Let’s take a look at these hottest celebrities that are brunettes.

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Adriana Lima

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Adriana is one of the sexy Victoria’s Secret models. She has a distinct and fantastic look. This brunette knows how to steal a man’s heart.

Anne Hathaway

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Anne is an Oscar-winning Hollywood actress. Her unique beauty and captivating smile go perfecting with her dark hair.

Demi Moore

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For decades, Demi Moore has been one of the most beautiful women in the celebrity world.


Eva Longoria

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Eva is one gorgeous Latina whose dark locks make her even more irresistible.

Jennifer Garner

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Jennifer Garner has the sexy girl-next-door looks that any man can appreciate.

Jennifer Lopez

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Jennifer Lopez has long been the fantasy of many men.


Jessica Biel

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Jessica Biel is fit, toned, and the perfect example of a brunette starlet.

Kim Kardashian

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Even if you are tired of seeing her all over the place, you can’t deny Kim Kardashian has long luscious gorgeous dark hair.

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