See Where You Can Find the Coolest Movie Theaters in the World

See Where You Can Find the Coolest Movie Theaters in the World

Watching a movie should be a good experience for everyone. After all, with the price we pay for tickets nowadays it’s only natural that customers get what they spend their good money for.

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These cinema houses or movie theaters have taken movie watching to another level by letting audiences actually feel that their in the movie themselves.

See where you can find these one of a kind cinemas around the world below:

1. Urania National Film Theater, Hungary

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This one of the movie theaters in Budapest is more than just your average pop corn and drinks place. Once you step inside and you’ll get the royal treatment complete with intricate gold designs and chandeliers. Both interior and the outside are an art designer’s dream come true. The theater plays novu art-house movies and has 2 cafes.


2. Olympia Music Hall, France

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Don’t expect to be seated in The Olympia Music Hall in Paris as there are only beds complete with pillows and blankets available. To top it off, the area has a huge screen and top notch sound systems.

3. Hollywood Drive Thru Theaters

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Take a trip back in time in this romantic theater. Although you won’t actually need to bring a car as the theater already provides non-mobile replicas inside. This experience can be enjoyed with family, friends and most especially with your significant other.

4. Paris

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It is no secret that Paris is one of the most romantic places in the world, so what better way make your experience even better by hopping in a small boat to watch a movie? Pack up some wine for a mini picnic in an indoor sea and you’re good to go.


5. Hot Tub Cinema, London

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What better way to beat the cold by cozying up in a hot tub? This experience can be enjoyed with friends and by maybe grab a few drinks while you’re at it.

6. Arena Pula, Croatia

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The Arena Pula is the only remaining Roman amphitheater to have four side towers, and is greatly preserved by the country. But it still has continued to be one of the most famous concert venues, as well as the screening for the 1999 movie “Titus” based on a Shakespearean play.

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