This Mermaid Girl Lives Under The Sea and can Hold Her Breath For 5 Minutes!

This Mermaid Girl Lives Under The Sea and can Hold Her Breath For 5 Minutes!


Melissa Dawn, known as Mermaid Melissa, makes her living as a professional mermaid. She entertains in her sexy and realistic mermaid costumes. She can hold her breath for up to five minutes at a time.

Melissa is an animal conservation advocate. She’s also found love with a merman.

Girl With A Dream

When she was little, Melissa would spend days reading books about marine biology and exploring the beach. That lead to a life-long fascination with the sea.

She is Physically Fit

As a free diving, swimming, marine biology, and CPR expert, Melissa is at the height of her physical fitness. She has great core strength. Because of her top physical condition, she is able to hold her breath for a long time.

Entertaining People

Melissa considers herself a businesswoman. Her mission is to promote ocean education with underwater entertaining. She feels like the mermaid persona is her alter ego.

Hard Work

Melissa has a rehearsal pool in her garage. Her closet is full of glittery mermaid costumes, which can weigh almost 70 pounds. She’s legally changed her name to Mermaid Melissa.

Breath Holds

An average human can last 40 seconds underwater. Melissa can stay underwater for almost 5 minutes. Even at the age of 12, she was able to stay underwater for two and a half minutes.






The Audience¬†Think She’s Real

For ten years, Melissa has been an aquatic performer. Her costumes are so real and she can hold her breath for so long that the audience believes that she may actually be a real mermaid.

Raising Awareness For Manatees

Melissa swam with a manatee to bring attention to the importance of protecting Florida’s waters and the wild life that live there. It’s her passion to speak to large audiences about saving the oceans and preserving the environment.

Swimming With Manta Rays

She recently swam in the Great Barrier Reef with giant manta rays. She’s a free diver and mermaid for hire who is always living the mermaid lifestyle in and out of the water.

In Love With A Merman

Melissa is in love with Antonio Padilla, a fellow performer who dresses up as a merman for her shows. He can also be seen in Sea World in Orlando, Florida.

Watch a video featuring Mermaid Melissa below:

You can book her by logging on to her website. She will perform in aquariums, corporate events, and pool side parties. She wants to combine entertainment with environmental awareness. She invites everyone to join her adventures on how to enjoy, save, and protect planet Earth.


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