Merry Christmas or Marry Me? See What Happens Next!

Merry Christmas or Marry Me? See What Happens Next!

Every family has their own special of way of capturing their holiday memories …it’s what makes the holidays so rich in tradition.

But for Tyne Owen, it’s more than that. He used the idea of dressing up for Christmas to send a secret message to pop the question of marriage to his girlfriend.


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Tyne’s folks wore a shirt with letters that spelled out “MERRY XMAS,” but in the middle of the photo shoot, they discreetly rearranged to come up with a different sentence. They all moved around till the MERRY XMAS was changed to “MARRY ME?”

Initially unaware of what was happening behind her, Tyne’s girlfriend broke down in tears the moment she saw the shot in the camera.


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If you’re curious about his bride-to-be’s sweet reaction, watch this.

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