Mom and Daughter Splurge $80,000 on Surgery to Look Like Their Idol, Katie Price

Mom and Daughter Splurge $80,000 on Surgery to Look Like Their Idol, Katie Price

Mother and daughter Georgina Clarke, 38, and her daughter Kayla, 20, are so obsessed with their celebrity idol Katie Price that they’ve spent almost $80,000 on surgery to look like her, courtesy of Kayla’s sugar daddy and stripping off her clothes.

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Ten years ago, the mother from Warwickshire was a busy woman. As a full-time mom to four children, she hardly had a time to worry about her appearance.

“I didn’t care about my looks, I didn’t wear makeup,” she confesses. “I had mousy brown hair, was quite shy, and wasn’t anything special. Being a mother came first, my looks were the least of my priorities.”

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But the day she saw on a newspaper a beautiful picture of model Katie Price, who was then known as Jordan, changed it all. She instantly got crazy over her.

Georgina says, “The minute I saw Jordan, she just stood out. I loved her look—she was perfect. I was so used to being a dowdy mom, but something about Katie Price affected me. “When I looked at her picture, I thought maybe I could be glamorous too. I started buying magazines so I could read about her life and I watched her TV show every week.”

And soon, Georgina’s obsession with the starlet rubbed off on her eldest daughter, Kayla, who was then 10.

“As a kid, I wasn’t very girlie,” Kayla says. “I wore baggy shirts and loved playing football. But then I started watching Jordan’s show with Mum. Sometimes we’d watch an episode again on repeat. Then we’d chat about Katie and her life for hours afterwards.”

The mother and daughter tandem is totally into Katie. They read all her books, bought tickets just to see her at the Birmingham Clothes Show. Both were totally captivated that Georgina got herself the same pink ribbon ankle tattoo and Kayla was inspired.

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“She was straight-talking and successful,” she says. “She also really cared about her family too. Most of all, I loved her over-the-top look. I loved her lips, her hair, her massive boobs, her nails, everything about her. I knew I’d do anything to look like her.”

At 11, Kayla confessed to her mom that she wanted a breast enhancement when she turned 18.

“Mum was happy for me and admitted she wanted one too!”

“I was pleased that Kayla wanted surgery and wanted a boob job, I was glad. I wanted her to be like that kind of person,” Georgina admitted.

Since then, the two would have beauty treatments together and fantasize about having plastic surgery together. Georgina started giving Kayla money for her nails and fake eyelashes. And during Kayla’s 14th birthday, Georgina surprised her with hair extension. Kayla was so ecstatic and started looking for other beauty treatments for them like veneers, lip injections, and nose jobs. All these brought them closer together.

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“I wanted to help my mum. She has always treated me and my siblings so well and I wanted to be the one to make her dreams come true. I wasn’t sure how I was going to pay for it, but I knew I’d get the money through any means necessary.”

At 17, Kayla dropped out of college and work as a tripper at a local club. “Soon I was making up to £1,300 a week from stripping,” she reveals. And when Kayla met a sugar daddy, she knew her dreams is now within reach as the rich 50-plus-year old man is willing to shell out generous money for her.

“One night, I started talking to a married guy in his fifties who wanted to pay for my upkeep. I told him about the surgery I wanted and we came to an arrangement where he paid me £800 per week.”

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As for Georgina, she said she doesn’t mind her daughter having a sugar daddy or stripping to pay for their procedure because they’re living their dreams.

“I’m really lucky to have a daughter like Kayla who spoils me and pays for my surgery,” Georgina added. “I feel so lucky, I’m so proud of her.” she said.

The mother and daughter received criticism for their extreme looks and excessive surgeries, but they just shrug it off.

Kayla revealed, “I got a letter from local women saying everyone laughs at me because I dress like a tramp and have duck lips. But I love the way I look now.”

She added, “We are a bit closer to looking like Katie Price, but not as close as we’d like.”

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