13 of the Most Amazing and Most Delicious Ice Cream …Yummy!

13 of the Most Amazing and Most Delicious Ice Cream …Yummy!

Ice cream, a name derived from “iced cream” or “cream ice,” is a food that is made from milk and cream or other dairy products, then frozen. Fruits or other ingredients and flavors are mixed with the dairy products to make the dessert more tasty. Most variety of ice cream products contain sugar, but there are others that use sweeteners. The are also other cases that artificial flavorings and colorings are added instead of natural ingredients. In order to prevent ice crystals from forming and to incorporate air, the mixture of ingredients are stirred slowly while cooling. This process will result in a malleable, smooth-textured, semi-solid foam that can be scooped.

The name “ice cream” can vary from one place to another. There are names or phrases such as “frozen custard,” “frozen yogurt,” “sorbet,” “gelato” that are used to differentiate the various styles of an ice cream. In the United States and other countries, governments regulate the commercial use of various terms according to the quantities of main ingredients that are used. The term “ice cream” can apply only to a specific variety.

For lactose intolerant and those allergic to dairy protein or vegans, there are many alternatives for dairy products such as the milk of a goat or a sheep and other milk substances. In North America, the most popular flavors of ice cream, according to consumer surveys, are vanilla and chocolate ice cream.

To give you more idea of how wide the variety of ice cream is aroudn the world, below are pictures of different-looking ice creams. Prepare to get frozen in awe.




















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