These are 20 Of The Most Beautiful Subway Stations from Around The World

These are 20 Of The Most Beautiful Subway Stations from Around The World

What’s the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of subway stations? Is it the noise, the garbage, the filthy smell, or the rats? Majority of the world’s underground train stations are not properly maintained. But just like anything else, there are always some exceptions. There are a few subways in the world that are not only properly maintained but are also quite eye-candies. These are products of proper management and impressive architecture.

Behold the world’s most beautiful subways that display creative interiors. Enjoy!


Bund Sightseeing Tunnel, Shanghai, China

Stadion Station, Stockholm, Sweden

T-Centralen Station, Stockholm, Sweden

U-bahn Station, Munich, Germany




Arts Et Métiers Station, Paris, France

Stockholm, the Water Lily Station – Näckrosen

Olaias Station, Lisbon, Portugal

Tunel, Istanbul Old Metro, Turkey

Kievskaya, Mayakovskaya, and Park Pobedy Stations, Moscow, Russia

Malostranská Station, Prague




Toledo Metro Station, Naples, Italy

City Hall Station, New York

Tilework in Szent Gellért Square, Budapest, Hungary

Slavyansky Bulvar Station, Moscow, Russia




Avtovo Metro Station, St. Petersburg, Russia

Kungstradgarden Metro Station, Stokholm, Sweden


University Of Naples Subway Station, Italy

Liège Guillemins, Belgium

Solna Station, Stockholm, Sweden




Formosa Boulevard Station, Kaohsiung, Taiwan


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