Most Bizarre Foods in the World

Most Bizarre Foods in the World

As a species, it need not be said that we enjoy eating. Most of us look upon food not just as a means of sustenance but also as a source of gastronomical enjoyment. On one end of the scale are the connoisseurs, who enjoy eating exquisite dishes. But on the other end of that are the people who spend most of their lives in search of the most exotic foods that they can get their hands on. If you’re this kind of adventurous eater, here is a list of the most bizarre foods in the world you can feast on:

5 of the Most Bizarre Foods in the World

1. Chicken’s Feet

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We start off this list with a dish that may not be that exotic, considering it’s a popular delicacy in many countries in East Asia, South Africa, South America, and the Caribbean. Still, what makes it slightly bizarre is its light gelatinous texture. While they can be quite tasty when seasoned properly, you might have a little trouble cutting down the little bones with your teeth.

2. Black Pudding or Blood Sausage

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This dish is pretty simple: it’s the congealed blood of a certain animal, normally a pig, mixed with various seasonings and thickening agents, and served as is or stuffed into sausage skin. In other places like the Philippines, the blood is mixed with water to come up with a stew as the end product. But don’t let the name or the image of the pig’s blood discourage you: such dishes can be very tasty.

3. Century Egg or Hundred-Year-Old Egg

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The name is an exaggeration. It’s not really a hundred years old. But it is pretty rotten. The egg itself is preserved for a few months in a mixture of ash, clay, and quicklime. Then, when the yolk has become dark green or black and the white has turned into a dark brown clear jelly, it is taken out of the mixture and prepared. If you can stand the strong sulfur and ammonia fumes, the hard part of the job is done. Upon eating it, you might be surprised to find that it tastes exactly like a hard-boiled egg.

4. Jing Leed or Grasshoppers 

Jing Leed (Grasshoppers) – inWhatLanguage

Remember those old Fear Factor episodes where people were made to face their worst fears—aka insects—and made to partake of such creatures cooked or even raw? Think of this dish as one of those episodes, except that this is real life and those most definitely are cooked grasshoppers you’re seeing. They’re a popular delicacy in Thailand and are commonly seasoned with salt, pepper, and chili then deep fried in a big wok. They say it tastes a bit like popcorn skin, if you were to ignore the extra juice that squirts out when you bite down on one.

5. Fugu or Pufferfish

El pez globo gourmet será aún más peligroso – QUEPA.SO

They say that if the cook handling such a dish is careless, he can end up poisoning and killing the person that eats it. That’s why only chefs that have the necessary expertise are allowed to serve up this dish. In the hands of such chefs, however, fugu or pufferfish are said to have an exquisite taste. They’re mostly served as sashimi


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