Meet Winnie: The Cocker Spaniel with Gorgeous “Puppy Eyes”

Meet Winnie: The Cocker Spaniel with Gorgeous “Puppy Eyes”

They say eyes are the windows to one’s soul. If that saying is true, then Winnie, a Cocker Spaniel puppy based in the United Kingdom, sure has a beautiful soul. Winnie recently went viral for having eyes so beautiful that people have compared the adorable puppy to popular Disney princesses such as Rapunzel and “Lady” from the classic movie Lady and the Tramp. Her gorgeous eyes and her long, fluttering eyelashes have captivated people from all over the world, leading them to make the Disney princess comparisons.


Winnie has her own Instagram page, The Life of Winnie, which boasts the massive figure of 459,000 followers at present. The page is run by her owners, Ellee and Tom, who have posted just 49 posts so far. Apparently, however, Winnie’s appeal is so strong that even with the few posts so far on her page, it has already earned her legions of fans from all over the globe, Even celebrities have become fans of the doe-eyed canine, with singer Rita Ora recently sharing Winnie’s photos on her own Instagram stories. There were also many comments from non-famous fans, like “OMG her eyes look like a Disney character’s eyes.” “This dog doesn’t even look real??! Looks like a Disney character,” and “She’s like a princess.” 

Winnie has a brother named Presley, who also boasts his own Instagram page and is enjoying the same amount of social media success. Their human parents have learned to make business opportunities out of their photogenic pets’ social media popularity. 


Ellee talked about the start of Winnie’s popularity in an interview, where she said, “Winnie got popular from a video on the social media Tiktok, which shows her eyes nice and clearly. From there her audience grew bigger and bigger and she has now got herself doing collaborations with some small/big businesses. Overall, Winnie is fun and loving, but very sassy and like to think she runs the place.” 

Winnie was born just last October 28, 2019. Ellee and Tom, her owners, had no idea of the levels of fame that their photogenic dog would achieve when one of them posted a picture of her. In no time at all, netizens flooded the comment section of their page with requests for more pictures of the sweet-looking dog. 


Let’s take a look at some of the interesting comments that her fans have left on her page:

“It does look like a princess.”

“She looks like she’d be a sassy Disney princess.”

“What you got there is a human that has been bewitched into looking like the cutest dog. Find the witch that did this and congratulate them. That’s some fine witchcraft.

“I usually scowl at people who post their dogs as the “cutest ever” or something similar when it’s just a normal-looking dog. But this dog…this dog delivers.”

And here’s a particularly funny one:

“According to Disney laws, kissing her may turn her into a princess or turn you into a dog.”

The term “puppy dog eyes” has been used many times to describe people or animals who have such emotive and beautiful eyes. For Winnie, the viral Cocker Spaniel, no other description could prove truer of herself. 


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