These Beautiful Female Celebrities are Ranked for the Most Kissable Lips

These Beautiful Female Celebrities are Ranked for the Most Kissable Lips


Show business is everybody’s business. Because of this, it’s no wonder our culture is driven by celebrities who fill the magazine racks and who conquer the internet and social media with their daily feeds and news. We’ve read the most beautiful Hollywood celebrities and the richest, and if those lists are not enough, we have more for you, the list of the most kissable lips among your favorite Hollywood celebrities.

10. Eva Mendes

Blame her Cuban blood for her sexy brunette tresses and luscious lips, which made her the super hot sexy agent in the film Once Upon a Time in Mexico as well as nab a role along with the world’s most handsome celebrities, Johnny Depp.

Beautiful Female


9. Megan Fox

Former Transformers chick who became reporter April O’Neil from last year’s TMNT is the ninth on our list for having a seductive lips along with her killer eyes.


8. Rihanna

All the way from Barbados and conquering the international spotlight is our very own Rihanna. Riri does not only display sexy pouty lips, but also invest on them to earn millions.


7. Liv Tyler

Here’s the lips of an angel, Tyler has the perfect cut with a full lower lip that complements her celestial beauty.


6. Amanda Seyfried

Seyfried is a bombshell with her blonde mane and sexy lips. She always makes our day every time she flashes her beautiful smile and charming lips.




5. Marilyn Monroe

One of the most renowned sex symbols in the sixties, Marilyn Monroe also has the most sensual lips in the history of entertainment. Everything about her makes men fall on their knees during her days.


4. Scarlett Johansson

Avenger Scarlett Johansson is another modern sex symbol in Hollywood with her innocent looks  and demure smile. Her attractive lips is no lesser than her angelic demeanor.


3. Monica Bellucci

Italian actress Monica who will play the Bond girl in the upcoming 007 film this year will keep you on your toes with her beauty and luscious lips.


2. Angelina Jolie

Mrs. Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, has a mega pouty lips that earned her numerous award-winning films since the early nineties.


1. Jessica Alba

Full, plump lips that every man is dying to kiss belongs to Jessica Alba. Her pouts are playful and sexy, but never gaudy. They are a perfect balance of strong but gentle, fierce but mushy.

Which among these ten gorgeous celebrities has the most kissable lips for you? Let us know.

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