Here are the Most Mind-Blowing Magic Tricks of All Time …This is a Must See

Here are the Most Mind-Blowing Magic Tricks of All Time …This is a Must See

Magicians have always been known for the illusions, trickery, or sleight of hand they use to perform their magics. They usually succeed, and they never fail to leave us with our jaws dropping. However, there have been those magicians who can’t keep still and want to take everything to a whole new level. Below is a list of the ten greatest magic tricks magicians have ever pulled off. These tricks are so unbelievable, you’ll end up wondering how they did it.

Vanished the Statue of Liberty

In 1983, Don Wayne and Jim Steinmeyer made the Statue of Liberty to seemingly vanish on live television. In his attempt to do the same trick, American illusionist David Copperfield raised a colossal curtain on Liberty Island and lowered it after a few seconds, revealing the now empty space where the statue once stood. To prove that there is nothing blocking the way, Copperfield passed two searchlights through the space. Most of the camera shots were from the same area and a live audience sat in an enclosed viewing area as well. A helicopter hovered overhead to prove an aerial view of the illusion. Only the circle of lights surrounding the statue remained, and the statue appeared to have truly disappeared.

Floated over the Grand Canyon

On David Copperfield’s sixth television special, he floated over the Grand Canyon. The Magic of David Copperfield VI was filmed in 1984, a time where green screen and television effects would have been totally impossible.

Endured a Tornado of Fire That Is Over 2000 Degrees

Another trick from the famous David Copperfield. he once attempted to withstand a temperature of over 2000 degrees in less than a second from the core of a fiery tornado.

Swallowed a Jackhammer

Thomas Blackthorne swallowed a working drill, and he made swallowing swords look like child’s play. He performed his signature act during a TV show, which then went live on Clever! – Die, die Wissen schafft, a successful German TV show presented by Wigald Boning and Barbara Eligmann.

Sawed Himself in Two

The Death Saw is portrayed as an escape that went wrong by David Copperfield. Copperfield was fixed to a table with a large saw blade or buzzsaw above. Under the control of a timing mechanism, the saw would then descend upon the performer. Copperfield was secured in an enclosed box with various manacles. After that, they then turned on the saw. The performer struggled to escape but not before the saw got him and sawed his body in half. Then Copperfield appeared to signal for the whole process to be reversed. Miraculously, the saw rose, the box closed, and the body halve stuck together, and Copperfield emerged from the box without a scratch.


Removed the Front Teeth of a Random Girl

On his Drowned Alive special, David Blaine performed a trick where he pulled out two teeth from a girl’s mouth. He proceeded to return it by putting her teeth in his mouth and spitting it into place. Extremely creepy trick.

Buried Alive

Escaping from a coffin that was buried under six feet of dirt and being handcuffed was a very hard trick to pull off. However, Magician Criss, certainly did so.

Walked on Water

Walking on water in a swimming pool in front of a small crowd seems impossible, but for illusionist Criss Angel, nothing is.

Double Caught Bullets

A magician appears to catch a bullet fired directly at him, conjuring an illusion of bullet catch. The bullet is marked by an audience member so that it can be identified later, and trick usually involves a gun that is loaded and operated by someone with a knowledge of firearms to demonstrate that no deception is being used. Magicians Teller and Penn performed the bullet catch, in which each simultaneously caught a bullet shot by the other. A line was drawn down the center of the stage, demonstrating that neither would cross to the other side. The guns that Penn and Teller used in their trick were fitted with laser sights to add suspense and drama to the trick. In this kind of trick, great efforts are usually made to show that the person firing the gun does not come in contact with the person catching the bullet.

Frozen on Ice for over 60 Hours

Blaine began a stunt named “Frozen in Time,” which was covered on a TV special, on November 27, 2000. He was lightly dressed and was seen to be shivering even before the ice blocks were sealed around him, which he stood encased in at Times Square, New York City. For 63 hours, 42 minutes, and 15 seconds, Blaine was encased in the box of ice before chain saws were used to remove him. To show that he was actually inside the ice the entire time, the ice was purposely transparent, and it rested on an elevated platform. After being removed, Blaine was taken to the hospital immediately because doctors feared he might be going into shock because he was in an obviously disoriented and dazed state. In the documentary follow-up to the feat, Blaine said that he had no plans to ever again attempt a stunt of this difficulty and that it took “a month” before he was able to walk again. Israeli entertainer Hezi Dayan broke the record set by Blaine during “Frozen in Time” by spending 64 hours in a block of ice in the early hours of January 1, 2010.   Pretty amazing, huh? These incredible people pulled off the greatest magic tricks that were thought to be completely impossible. Most of us are still baffled on how they did it, even though it has been years since these tricks were made. Simply astonishing.

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