These Are The Most Ridiculous Products on the Market Today

These Are The Most Ridiculous Products on the Market Today

We are certainly thankful to the geniuses who invented shampoo and soap, but for those who created garbage pants or dog bark translator? Not so much.
While there are some inventions that shaped our generations and made our lives so much easier, there are also some creations that are just plain crap and technically pointless. Get to know 15 of these amazingly ridiculous products you could ever own in your life.

1. So garbage cans need pants?

2 products

2. Imagine drinking and listening with your cup.

1 products

3. Just make sure you don’t attract ants to your pants.

1 products

4. We’d rather have mayonnaise on our sandwiches.

2 products

5. Seriously?

3 products


6. Do you need to mention blood? Really?

3 products

7. Quite a catch, but not really.


8. Hair brush and iPhone case is not a very good combination.

products 5

9. We would understand if these horns are for horses.

 products 3

10. Unless you have a sinister plot, you don’t really need to buy this.



11. Six packs in seconds, will literally wear out in seconds, too.


12. Do you find these slippers plainly weird?


13. Tourists, beware.


14. Unless you want to look stupid…


15. Nice try.


So tell us, do you really need these products? Would they necessarily make your life a whole lot easier or will they make it more complicated?


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