These Trees are the Most Stunning Feats of Nature You Will See today

These Trees are the Most Stunning Feats of Nature You Will See today

While you see trees of all kinds—from tall and thick, to brightly colored, to a simple, short one—it takes rarity and uniqueness to make a tree stand out among the rest of the 400 billion trees on the planet.  That tree must be unique enough to capture its observers in awe to the point that even a person who sees them on the Internet would wish to see it for himself.

There are many breathtaking trees around the world. Here are some that will leave you amazed at the grandeur of their creation. Be ready to be captivated.

1. 125+ Year Old Rhododendron “Tree” in Canada


This rhododendron tree with brilliant pink blossoms is over 125 years old. Although a collection of large shrubs, it is nonetheless considered a tree due to its age. Age, in fact, has not made her less captivating. It has rather grown more beautiful to behold over time!

2. 144-Year-Old Wisteria in Japan



Because of its massive size, the Wisteria in Japan had to be braced by massive steel rods to help hoist up the sprawling vines flowing with cheerful shades of purple and pink. Stretching an incredible 1,990 square feet, walking under the shade of the wisteria tree will be an experience worth reminiscing.

3. Blooming Cherry Trees in Bonn, Germany


Walk beneath these cherry blossom trees  from end to end and forget the road noise, the hustle, and the air pollution.




4. Rainbow Eucalyptus in Kauai, Hawaii


The rainbow eucalyptus can be very fussy about its environment as it only grows into a beautiful tree under the right condition. Its colorful bark, which shows all the colors of the rainbow, is the most attractive highlight of the tree.

5. Wind-Swept Trees in New Zealand 


The winds are so intense in this part of New Zealand that the trees are bent, twisted, and blown in all sorts of directions from the continuous force.

6. The Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland 

These trees were planted by the Stuart Family back in the eighteenth century with the thought that it would make a welcoming landscape for their guests. Two hundred years later, the trees still exist. The Dark Hedges, as they came to be known, served as the location for the King’s Road in the hit series Game of Thrones.





7. Giant Sequoia Tree in California


Giant Sequoia Trees

This Giant Sequoia Tree, also known as The President, is the third-largest of its type found all over the whole world! The view from its top might be quite unimaginable!

8. Antarctic Beech Draped in Hanging Moss in Oregon



Just watching these trees draped in hanging moss is simply phenomenal. Significant for its biological and landscape values, it has been listed as a World Heritage in 1986, named as an outstanding conservatory for rainforest species to survive and evolve. Stroll along this Oregon forest and get a real feel of being in the United States.

9. Dragonblood Trees, Yemen 


The Dragon’s Blood tree is one of Socotra’s iconic natural features. These trees grow in droves high up on Diskum plateau in the center of the island.




10. Jacarandas in Cullinan, South Africa 


These beautiful Jacarandas, with their violet flowers, can only be found in Cullinan, South Africa.

11. Maple Tree Tunnel in Oregon 


These maple trees in the peak of their autumn color are unbelievably striking. You should walk through this natural beautiful tree tunnel and be amazed for yourself!

12. Beautiful Japanese Maple in Portland, Oregon


This Japanese Maple in Oregon is pretty famous for its rainbow-ish colors. It is delightfully a haven of tranquil beauty nestled in the foothills of Portland.




13. Avenue of Oaks at Dixie Plantation in South Carolina 


This avenue of oak trees was planted sometime in the 1970s on Dixie Plantation in South Carolina.

14. Flamboyant Tree, Brazil 


The Flamboyant Tree is usually found in Madagascar, but it also grows in tropical areas around the world.

15. Angel Oak in John’s Island South Carolina 


The Angel Oak in South Carolina is 66.5 ft (20m) tall and is estimated to be more than 1,400 or 1,500 years old.




16. Baobab Trees in Madagascar


The Baobabs in Madagascar have trunks that are excellent storage for water during droughts.

Watch the video below to be more amazed.

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