New Guinness World Record Holder Can Limbo Her Way Under a Car!

New Guinness World Record Holder Can Limbo Her Way Under a Car!


How low can your body possible bend? Doing a limbo dance isn’t as easy as it looks. Most of us can’t even go lower when the limbo bar begins to go down to our the waist level. Most of us would probably break our backs as we brave more attempts. It takes a huge amount of talent, dedication, and practice to be able to pull off something that’s record-breaking in the field of limbo dancing.

Meet Shemika Charles, a dancer who has always been flexible and is considered the world’s best limbo dancer.

Ms. Charles dominates the limbo world with the record she set way back in 2010, something that is yet to be beaten by anyone. What she showed? She did limbo dancing as low as eight inches off the ground. (That’s like the height of a beer bottle.)

However, the Limbo Queen doesn’t just stop there as she plans to make another world record.

Charles made another fantastic world record when she limbo danced underneath a car. Her wonderful display of talent totally placed limbo dancing on a whole new level.




Being able to limbo underneath a car is truly amazing, and this woman was able to nail it after practicing for six hours a day, every day, for more than six years.

Shemika’s mother was also a limbo dancer and was on a lot of limbo dancing performances, pretty much like Shemika, in their hometown in Trinidad and Tobago. Unfortunately, she had to stop her career due to an injury. With the family’s background, it’s apparent that the ability to limbo dance in a jaw-dropping level runs in their blood.

Watch her story and her superhuman ability below.

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