the New Hottest Honeymoon Destinations For 2015

the New Hottest Honeymoon Destinations For 2015

Honeymoon is a special time for couples to enjoy each other’s company. Since it is a once-in-a-lifetime trip, couples want it to be extra special. If you’re a constant traveler and have been to many places, you’d surely do not like to go to the same place for your honeymoon. So for those who are thinking where else on earth they can spend some romantic time together, here are a few helpful suggestions.

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Abu Dhabi and Dubai have always ranked in the top spots as favorite honeymoon destinations in the middle east. But Oman is keeping up with the times with its numerous hotels opening here and there. You can spend some sweet time at the Pool Villa Suite Beachfront and experience steam showers and spa treatments like no other.


Tahiti is a destination that is yet to be discovered by many, particularly honeymooners. You can spend your island vacation in one-bedroom villas that come with outdoor bathtubs and private media rooms.


Think Africa is only known for its safaris? It also has beaches to boast too! Anantara resort, located in a small island of Quirimbas Archipelago, offers its visitors a view of the Indian ocean.

Ecuadorian Andes

If you’re a couple who would want to blend in with nature and its beauty, come to Ecuadorian Andes! There are resorts, just like Hacienda Zuleta, that have rooms with terrace and private gardens and a cozy fireplace after a long day of excursion.


This central American destination is so natural and eco-friendly! With Mukul Beach, Golf, and Spa Resort and Spa opening recently, hundreds of vacationers are flocking to this land to refresh. For honeymooners who want to be as close to nature as possible, Nicaragua has many fun activities to offer—from surfing lessons to spa treatment to helicopter rides to volcanoes and rides to nearby colonies.




Eastern Coast of Sri Lanka

This awesome destination on the east coast is setting a name for itself as an alternative for those who want to avoid the crowds in the west. Uga Bay, which comes with an underground spa, has beach villas that have pools and terraces. You can also get private access to the beach.


Seychelles is home to a luxurious resort that is designed for people seeking privacy. What makes the trip to the island worthwhile for couples are the intimate dinners on the beach and the in-spa treatments.


With its doors open to world travelers, Myanmar is becoming a hot spot for travelers. One of its main attractions is Belmond Governor’s Residence where visitors can enjoy a lantern-lit dinner and indulge in spa treatments.


Puglia is an Italian region that is a good option for couples avoiding the crowd and who love good food. Borgo Egnazia is a hotel that has been formed in the authentic Italian style.

Sumba Island in Indonesia

Sumba Island is a lesser-known Indonesian island situated in the East Nusa Tenggara region. Here you can meet the locals, move around in the paddy field, and learn a few surfing lessons while enjoying the chance to relax in the beach.





With its open skies and uneven land, Iceland offers a different kind of experience for honeymooners who want to spend some time away from the city.

Lijiang, China

Lijiang is located in the Yunnan Province of China and is the best place for newlyweds who wish to explore the Himalayan foothills through an adventurous trip.


Though not yet open to US visitors, Cuba is gifted with sandy beaches and gushing waters that will surely be an eye feast for its visitors. One of its oldest hotels, Nacional de Cuba, has the perfect view of the Havana harbor. It has been visited by celebrities like Ava Gardner and Frank Sinatra.

Here are more ideal honeymoon destinations that you must check out.

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