These Stunning Photos Will Make You Put Norway on your Bucket List

These Stunning Photos Will Make You Put Norway on your Bucket List


Norway is one of the loveliest countries in the world that are considered as true standouts. Aside from having many natural wonders, it is also home to lots of spectacular cities with interesting history and hospitable people. If ever you plan to visit the country, here are some places we suggest you go to. We guarantee that you can take gorgeous images here:



Ålesund is the center of the Ålesund Region. It is more like a sea port and is popular for its unique Art Nouveau architecture.

Arctic Cathedral


At night, the Arctic Cathedral appears like a picture taken out of a children’s fairy tale book. Located in Tromso, Norway, this church not only blends well with the environment. It is also an architectural wonder in its own right.

Atlantic Road

Atlantic Road

The Atlantic Road is a long course, which extends 8.3 kilometers of Country Road 64. It runs through the archipelagos Averøy and Eide.

Fedje Island


This is Fedje Island. It is located somewhere in the west coast, not to far from Bergen, Norway. The peaceful ambiance of the island makes it a perfect getaway spot for couples.


Norwegian Fjordland

With its breathtaking scenery of the mountains, glaciers, and spectacular fjords, Fjordland is now considered one of Norway’s most important tourist attractions.




Frozen Lake

Frozen Lake

Located in the Lofoten Islands, the Frozen Lake is among the few places in Norway that is now becoming a tourist destination. During the day, visitors can enjoy the bright sun and at the same time, feel the cool breeze from the cold lake.



Hammerfest is located in the municipality of Finnmark county. Here, locals and tourists can enjoy watching the so-called “Aurora Borealis” or northern lights at random times within the day.

Hjorundfjord of coastal Norway


Found inside the beautiful coastal town of Hjørundfjord, Norway, this swing is a dream come true for visitors who seek fun and adventure. Even if the place is only accessible by boat, it has since attracted not only tourists, but also locals.

Innerdal Tower, Omsdal, Norway


The Innerdal tower is among the few natural wonders that Norway brags about. When the clouds envelop the very high rock formation, it creates a dream-like scene, which perfectly matches the green pastures from nearby places.



Kjerag is a mountain located in Lysefjorden. While its highest peak is about 1,110 meters above sea level, its northern drop makes it very attractive to visitors.




Lodalen Valley

Lodalen Valley

Lodalen Valley is a place you should not miss. The innocent nature, beauty, and the dramatic history of the valley makes it a must-see destination in Norway.


Lofoten Islands

Located at the 68th and 69th parallels north of the Arctic Circle in northern Norway, Lofoten is well-known for its pure beauty.



Lysefjord is a narrow inlet in the southwestern part of Norway. Here, visitors can witness the untainted beauty of nature.

Norwegian Sea

The Norwegian sea is a marginal sea located in the North Atlantic Ocean, which is in the northwestern side of Norway. When the sun rises or sets, the beauty of the mountains reflects in the waters, making everything appear kind of surreal.

Seven Sisters Waterfall , Romsdal County

Seven Sisters Waterfall

Located along the Geirangerfjorden in Stranda municipality, the Seven Sisters Waterfall is part of the Geiranger World Heritage Site. It runs about 6.5 kilometers or 4.0 miles. While the waterfall alone is already a wonder to marvel at, its green surroundings makes the whole place truly inviting.




Storseisundet Bridge


The longest of the eight bridges that make up the Atlantic Road, the Storseisundet Bridge connects the mainland Romsdal peninsula and the island of Averøya. The bridge’s eccentric design makes it a truly amazing sight.



Trollstigen is a winding mountain road built in Rauma Municipality. It is part of Norwegian National Road 63, connecting the village of Valldal and the town of Åndalsnes.



About 700 meters from the northern side of Ringedalsvatnet Lake, a natural wonder is slowly becoming a tourist attraction. It is called the Trolltunga. It is just a piece of rock running horizontally off a mountain.


Tromsø is a city and municipality located in Troms county. Though the place is already considered beautiful as is, it becomes more stunning when lights come out at night.

Værøy Island

Part of the district of Lofoten, Værøy is a small island and municipality in Nordland county. It is surrounded with crystal clear and pristine waters, perfect for those who want to enjoy the calm seascape.


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