20 Incredible Ways to Turn Your Ordinary Burger Into Something Extraordinary

20 Incredible Ways to Turn Your Ordinary Burger Into Something Extraordinary

Tired of the same old burger patty topped with tomatoes, pickles, cheese and coleslaw? Maybe it’s time you  pimp your all-time favorite snacks with an enticing twist.

Scroll down below and find  20 awesome burgers you’ve never heard of if you are up for a delectable treat.

Avocado Filling


Take your burger to a whole new level with avocado slabs or with guacamole savoy here.

Bacon Patty

Now, there is a new way to mix bacon and burger together for breakfast. Check the recipe here.

Beer Cheese Sauce

Burger and beer in one? Why not? Get jammed and buzzed with this beer cheese sauce burger. Recipe here.

Black Pudding Patty

Beef, pork and chicken patty are so trivial. So, why not try other meat like, black pudding, perhaps? Recipe here.


Chili Beans Burger

This is definitely much better than sloppy joes. Recipe here.

Burger in Fried Egg and Truffle Oil

Here’s another yummy breakfast creation made of egg and truffle, learn how to do it here.

Gravy and Mashed Potato Siding

Hamburger Gravy

You want to stick to the classic burger less the ketchup? No problem, here’s a tasty gravy alternative for you. Get the recipe here.

Hash Burger

For the love of hash browns and burger comes the hash burger. Click here on how to do it.

Kimchi Burger

Korean cabbage packs wrapped in burger buns couldn’t get any better here.

Mac and Cheese Burger

Now, you don’t have to place two orders separately for Mac ‘n cheese and burger because you can have both in one dish here.

Marmalade Dressing

A fruity take for your burger is to put on a generous marmalade dressing into the patty made with mushroom or mustard. Get the recipe here.

Cheesy Fudge

How would you like a creamy and cheesy explosion in the middle of the burger? Recipe here.


Nachos Burger

Crunchy and overloaded with yummy goodness, this nachos burger would totally be a jam packed meal for your hungry tummy. Learn how to do it here.

Pate Burger

Craving for something French? This might just be what you need – a delectable version of foie gras burger. Recipe here.

Peanut Butter Sauce

Anything with peanut butter is always a delicious treat, don’t you think? Here’s how to make it here.

Pickled Fig

Bacons, burger patty, and caramelized onions anyone? Check the recipe here.

Pulled Pork

Burger patty and pulled pork in one? Heaven! Did we heard you burp? Recipe here.

Ramen Burger

Ditch brioche and go Asian with these ramen buns with a beefy patty. Recipe here.

Sriracha Slaw

Chili hot sriracha will definitely rock your burger. Click here for the recipe.

Waffle Burger

Waffles are yummy and burger patties, too! So, why not put them together into one amazing dish for breakfast, snacks, or lunch? Recipe here.


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