Pepperoni Pizza Corvette Hits the Streets

Pepperoni Pizza Corvette Hits the Streets


Everybody loves pizza. When you get hungry in the middle of a movie night or when your friends are at your house and there’s nothing on the fridge, who do you call first? Pizza delivery.

First described as “some kind of flat bread with stuff on it,” pizza dates back to first-century BC, which is also, by the way, still under debate. It’s either the Greek made the first stuffed flat bread or the Italian, but who cares? If a whole box of pizza is presented before you, would you actually still ask when it was made, who made it, and why it was made that way? Probably not. That’s how the earth loves pizza.


As time passes by, people’s love for pizza has grown . . . insanely. Many things have been flavored like pizza, and some are even designed like it—just like what PizzaMan Dan, Dan Collier.


At the 31st Annual International Pizza Expo, Collier brought this great beauty named Pepperoni Pizza Corvette, the car every pizza lover would want to take a ride on, except that perhaps with this, you’d crave for pizza and take a stop every time because it just makes you pizza-hungry. Nevertheless, it looks like a lot of something we all want to see for ourself.


Dan Collier sure did take his love for pizza to a very pizza-like level. But it’s not just him. Look at these stuff that are designed like pizza. They are enough proof that pizza could be voted as the universal food.

A pizza bed.





Pizza plus guitar—perfect match.


Pizza phone case because you want to take the pizza anywhere you go.


Because sometimes, we want to take pizza even to our sleep and when we set to dreamland, here’s a pizza pillow.


Even Katy Perry wore a pizza . . . literally.





The things people do for pizza may be insane, but if you love pizza yourself, it’s all understandable.


Watch the videos below:



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