Pig Beach, The Bahamas Where Pigs and Human Swim Together

Pig Beach, The Bahamas Where Pigs and Human Swim Together

Did you know that pigs can swim? You don’t? Then read on to know more about this weird phenomenon.

Photo courtesy of www.flickr.com/cdorobek
This isn’t photoshopped.

Pigs haven’t really evolved into having an aquatic lifestyle but the wild pigs from uninhabited island of Big Major Cay features pigs that swim. According to reports, there are at least 20 feral pigs living in the island together with some stray cats and goats.

Star attraction: Tourists visit the paradise, nicknamed Pig Island, to visit the swine in their unusual habitat every year
The star of the island.

The island is named Pig Island (yes, pigs have their own island!) and it is one of the most unique and famous tourist destination in the Bahamas. Visitors will be surprise when they approach the island. The tribes of enormous and fat pigs would swim towards their boats or yachts as if to greet the newcomers. These feral but cute pigs are totally safe because they are quite friendly and approachable. They live in the island freely, visitors can see them sun bathing under the sun for hours and then they swim in the warm waters.

pig beach
These happy bacons love the water.

Who put the pigs in the island is a mystery. Legends about how the adorable swimming pork bellies reach the island are plenty. One legend states that sailors dropped off the pigs in the uninhabited island planning to return and cook the pigs. Unfortunately, the sailors weren’t able to return. Another theory says that the ship carrying the pigs was shipwrecked and the pigs were wash ashore to the island. Whatever the stories of how these adorable creatures reach the island, the pigs made the island their own sanctuary.

The piggies rule the island.

The pigs became famous for their friendly demeanor. They approach each visitors to get some treats. If you plan to visit the Pig Island, you can stay at the luxurious Fowl Cay Resort or at the Grand Isle Resort in Exuma. These beautiful resorts are only an hour or two away from the Pig Island and they offer packages that includes excursions to swim with the pigs.

The pigs have become accustomed to their beach lifestyle. Scroll down to see more pictures of these swimming pork bellies.

Visitors can stay in this luxurious resort.




You need to feed me to enter my kingdom!
pig beach
We’re on guard duty, give us food!
pig beach
Synchronized piggy swimming.
2 pigs swimming near the beach on Pig Island
Care for a swim?
Humans feed swimming pigs off Pig Island
Pigs swim for the food.




pig beach
Just taking my morning swim.
A perfect picture of a happy bacon.
Yeah! This is how you relax!
Give me your beer, human!




Oops! Forgot my bikini!
The pigs are remarkably well adapted to their beach bum lifestyle of frolicking in the crystal clear water and lazing on the sand
The island’s beach bums.
Pigs can't fly... but they can swim: The incredible pictures were taken by French photographers Jean-Louis Klein and Marie-Luce Hubert
Wait ’til we learn to fly!
All the pigs have to worry about is where their next meal is coming from, and they have worked out that the crews of passing yachts regularly dump excess food into the sea
Just a pigs having a date on the beach!
Beach Babe: The pigs are thought to have been introduced to the island by passing sailors who may have thought they would make a good food source
You have some food for us?
Another legend suggests they were involved in a shipwreck but were able to swim to shore, remaining on the island ever since
Hey, pal! You forgot to put on sun block again!




 Here’s a couple of videos to truly appreciate these cute piggies!


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