nubby, puppy without front legs

Nubby’s Incredible Story: The Adorable Puppy Without Front Legs

Nubby is not your average dog. For one thing, he happens to be a puppy without front legs. If it weren’t for the kind intervention of his foster parents, this adorable pup would have not had the wonderful life he now lives today.

Puppy Without Front Legs Gets a Second Chance at Life

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Puppy without front legs

When Nubby was born into this world, his veterinarian decided that he was to be euthanized. The poor puppy without front legs became a subject of concern for the team as they wondered if he was capable of competing with his other siblings for food.

But as fate would have it, Lou Robinson came into the picture and was swept away by Nubby’s fighting spirit. In an interview with The Dodo, Robinson recalls how she and her husband had to work hard to give the rescued pup all the love and comfort he needed.

She shared,

“His siblings were pushing him out the way. He would have perished. He came home with me. Day three came and went, day seven, day 10,day 16, and Nubby thrived. He thrived! His eyes opened; his ears developed; he found his sounds, smells, and voice.”

Robinson was the perfect foster mom for Nubby as she had been an animal rights activist her whole life. She is credited as the founder of Warriors Educate Rescue, an animal rights group based in Houston, Texas. Robinson also dedicates her time to teach others about the importance of providing compassion for animals.

Of course, taking care of a puppy without front legs requires a lot of research and energy. One important task is to always make sure that he is fed at an incline to prevent the formula from being inhaled into his lungs, which can cause aspiration pneumonia.

Nubby did have a pneumonia scare at one point. He worried his pawrents when he began to sneeze a lot, had zero appetite, and stopped defecating altogether. On top of that, he was blowing milk bubbles out of his nose. Luckily, an x-ray revealed that Nubby had “esophageal abnormality” and could be treated by undergoing an IV treatment and taking heavy-duty antibiotics. The brave pup endured all the pain and now lives a relatively normal life. The Robinsons are now planning to make him an ambassador for Warriors Educate About Rescue in the future.

Nubby may have been born without front legs . . .

Puppy without front legs

. . . but what he lacks in body parts he makes up in spirit!

Puppy without front legs

If it weren’t for the love and compassion of his paw-rents, Nubby wouldn’t be here today

Puppy without front legs

Just look at him with his foster dad, is there anything more adorable than that?

Puppy without front legs

Nubby proves that with courage and kindness, we can accomplish anything!

Puppy without front legs

It may seem like the Robinsons saved Nubby . . .

Puppy without front legs

. . . but at the end of the day, it certainly seems like they saved each other

His Now Grown

Here’s the adorable puppy without front legs snuggling with his dad

Cuddling Together

Lou: As long as he has a chance at quality of life, we will fight to give him that chance

Nubby's Feeling at Home

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