Everything You Need to Know About the Slender Man

Everything You Need to Know About the Slender Man

The Slender Man is a supernatural creature that has been terrifying people over the years. The stories surrounding this sinister creature usually involve it stalking and traumatizing children. It has such a huge impact that it has been continuously referenced in popular culture.

Dare to find out more about the Slender Man by reading some interesting facts about him below.

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10.  The Slender Man originated from an Internet urban legend

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The Slender Man actually originated from an online forum called Something Awful. The original image came from a user named Victor Surge who contributed a black-and-white photo of groups of children with a tall figure in a black suit. He goes by numerous names, from “Daddy Longlegs” to “Mr. Slim” and even “Slendy”. The rumor of the Slender Man’s real-life existence spread like wildfire when stories of him abducting missing children and adults all over the world surfaced. He is said to stalk children during play time and murders anyone who takes a photo of him.

9. His appearance may vary from being an 8 feet tall figure in a suit to one that even has tentacles shooting out of his body 

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Alleged eyewitnesses have said that the Slender Man stands roughly eight to ten feet tall, and his face appears to be completely blank. His actual appearance does vary, though, as some have said that his face is either wrapped in gauze or is just a fuzzy featureless blob. One terrifying detail about the Slender Man is his tentacles that have razor sharp points that can skewer his victims.


8.  The Slender Man is said to have “abilities” ranging from invisibility to teleportation

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The supernatural abilities of the Slender Man explain how he happens to appear just about everywhere around the world. He is believed to have stealth movements and can easily morph to something else, so better check on the person sitting beside you as he may as be the Slender Man in disguise!

7.  He dresses in a sharp suit

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The original Slender Man drawings depicted him in a suit and tie, and his dress code has appeared that way ever since. There had hardly been any changes in his appearance despite the many variations of him. So just in case you happen to come across anyone tall and eerily dressed like the Slender Man himself, then you might want do a double take because you might just be staring at a supernatural being.

6.  He captures his victims by stalking them and then killing them after

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Legend has it that the Slender Man chooses his victims at random, and they go through torturous hell once chosen. He continuously stalks his victims, takes them to the woods, and kills them after. Other stories say that he lets his victims suffer an illness that doctors cannot seem to diagnose. Symptoms of this so called Slender Sickness include nose bleeds, nightmares, paranoia, hallucinations, and nausea. Still there are stories out there that depict him as a dangerous sociopath, where he lures unsuspecting victims to their death by offering kind gestures.

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