Creepy-Looking Real-Life Anime Girl – Feels Like a Real Anime Character

Creepy-Looking Real-Life Anime Girl – Feels Like a Real Anime Character

But she knew that it wasn’t enough to just put on makeup to achieve an anime character look, so she started to lose weight to look skinnier. With a height of 5 ft and 2 in, Anastasiya said she needed to stay at 39 kilos or even lose more to get the look she has long wanted.

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Words about Anastasiya’s eye-opening look made her the subject of nationwide news. She appeared on several television shows and was interviewed by many newspapers in Ukraine. In one interview, she said that there were people who freaked out when they saw her on the streets in her hometown, Odessa.

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The young anime fan said that the Japanese are often shocked whenever they see that she bears a strong resemblance to an anime character. Although most of them didn’t know how to speak Russian, they loved to talk to her. The conversation would get a little complicated, though, because she knows nothing about the Japanese language either.

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Anastasiya shared that putting makeup and dressing up often take a lot of time, so every time, she wakes up at five in the morning to start prepping up for her 9:00 a.m. work. Her eyes alone need 30 minutes each to be made up, and it takes her more than two hours to make up her entire face.

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The Russian doll wanted to undergo plastic surgery to fix her eyes’ shape for good. The surgery is widely known in Japan, but not in Ukraine, she’s still trying to find out if it’s available in her country.

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