Red Red Shipping Container Looks Normal From The Outside

This Red Shipping Container Is Transformed into the Cutest Little Home

People are always thinking of innovative ways to recycle things these days, and we have here one good example. What was done to this red shipping container was nothing short of amazing.

Now a red shipping container is not exactly the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to choosing a place to live in. But once you check out this charming little mobile home, you’ll surely have a change of heart.

With the housing crisis taking all over the country, many are looking for more affordable options. This tiny house is not only perfect for those on a budget but is completely convenient for people who are looking to travel around without having to leave their homes.

Red Shipping Container Is Turned into a Cozy Home

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Red Shipping Container
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Home prices have risen to as much as $300,000. Several factors like location and materials are to be blamed for this drastic increase. This is why many consider owning a house as a luxury.

Luckily, there are many available alternatives for those hoping they can spend less. An example of which are shipping containers. A shipping container will run you around $1,800–$5,000 each. Not only are they more affordable, but by recycling them, you are also helping the environment. Used containers are usually melted down and thrown in the dumps, posing a major environmental threat.

Old Contaner
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Take a look inside this red shipping container home

On the surface, this red shipping container looks so unassuming and almost beaten down. But once you step inside, you won’t believe your eyes!

Inside Look
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The potted plants, white door, and patio table work as a giveaway on what lies inside the home’s interior. You can find wooden floors that give a cozy, rustic feel; a tall ceiling; and a spacious floor plan. There certainly is no reason to feel claustrophobic!

Simple Inside
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The storage container comes complete with a bedroom, a living room, and a perfectly sized kitchen! It makes a great bachelor or bachelorette pad. The wide space lets your creativity run free. Decorate it with minimalist pieces that complement your personality.

Storage house's kitchen area
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The kitchen is quite a sight to behold as well. Despite the tiny space, it has a storage area, a full-sized oven, and a fridge.

Cool Kitchen
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One cannot help but notice the subtle details added to the house’s design as well. From the bright yellow carpets to the light blue counters, it perfectly complements the neutral tones of the walls and floors.

Inside the storage container
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If you are worried about natural lighting, then you should be aware that the home is filled with skylights and windows to allow sunlight through.

Perfect Bed
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However, considering the small space, you cannot expect a grand bedroom. Instead, you get this charming little room that can comfortably fit two people. You can also find hanging lamps, a mirror, and a shelf that can store books and bedside lamps.

Red Shipping Container Turned House
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As for the bathroom, you get a full-sized shower and toilet that is furnished with a washing and drying area for your clothes.

So what is the best part about this compact home? It is currently on the market for only $50,000. You cannot get a better deal than that!

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