Teen Is Excited For Prom

Homeschooled Teen Is Kicked Out of Prom After Chaperones See Her Dress

A 17-year-old student was kicked out of her own prom after organizers called her out for initiating “impure thoughts” among fellow attendees. Clare has since responded to their rude allegations in a scathing blog post that detailed everything that transpired during that night.

Homeschooled Teen Kicked Out of Prom because of Her Dress

A homeschooled teen named Clare was initially excited to attend her fourth prom event. Her boyfriend had already purchased the $25 ticket to the Richmond Homeschool Prom, so all Clare had to do was prepare her shoes, flowers, and prom dress for the big day.

Clare eventually found a sparkly number from Macy’s. She stated in her post that she had spent a good amount of her savings on the dress. The next thing Clare had to do was to take the prom rules into consideration. All that was stated in the registration form was a reminder for the ladies to “keep your dresses fingertip length or longer.” With that, Clare tested her dress out, and it went way past her fingertips with or without the heels.

Confident and happy about her dress choice, Clare headed to the prom, which was held at the Shady Grove United Methodist Church in Mechanicsville. Unbeknownst to her and her group of friends, the night would end up in tears.

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Kicked Out of Prom

The chaperones began to have “impure thoughts” watching Clare

As Clare moved to the dance floor to have fun with her boyfriend, one of the prom organizers pulled her aside and said, “Honey, that dress is too short.” Not wanting to cause a scene, Clare calmly showed the woman that her dress length did pass the dress code. Although the woman clearly looked annoyed, she let Clare go.

As Clare began to dance, she noticed how many of the other girls wore shorter dresses but were not called out. To make matters even worse, she could not help but feel uncomfortable watching all the grown men “watching” over the teens from the sidelines.

It was not long before the organizer removed Clare from the dance floor altogether. She was told that she was making the chaperones think “impure thoughts” due to her dress and provocative dancing.

Naturally, the teen felt entirely humiliated and abruptly left the venue with her friends. When Clare and her boyfriend asked for refunds, the prom committee only refunded a single ticket out of the entire group.

Feeling frustrated and violated over what had transpired, Clare wrote a lengthy blog post on her sister’s Web site. She detailed exactly what happened that night, stating:

“I am so tired of people who abuse their power to make women feel violated and ashamed because she has an ass or has breasts or has long legs.”

Clare ends her post by reminding women that they are not the problem. Sadly, her situation is not something new. Many young women around the country are ostracized because of what they choose to wear.

Since posting in the blog, Clare has received an overwhelming amount of support from people who agree that women should not be objectified or humiliated for their looks.

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