ReMoved: The Harrowing Story of a Child Put Through Foster Care

The number of children who are currently under foster care in the United States has doubled since the mid-1980s. The Child Welfare League of America now reports that there are roughly half a million children forced into the system. The dramatic rise in numbers has led to several concerns for the orphans, which include the physical and psychological effects it can have on them.

ReMoved is a short film that shows how tumultuous life can be for children moving from one foster home to another. Find out why this fictional story went on to become a viral hit, prompting many to call for a change in the way the government should handle the foster care system.

ReMoved: Short Film Provides an Insight for Foster Parents

A normal childhood is essential for one’s growth. So when they are subjected to a risky environment, children tend to develop a sense of distrust and reclusiveness. That said, those placed in foster care can either be angry, depressed, and resentful, making it hard for them to open up to their foster families. As a result of such actions, these children can end up shuffling from one home to another, never knowing what it is like to be loved and cared for.

ReMoved is the critically acclaimed short film by Nathaniel Matanick that explores the issues of children placed in the foster care system. It follows the emotional journey of a nine-year-old girl named Zoe Locke, played brilliantly by actress Abby White. Zoe experiences a series of heartbreaking moments in her young life, from being taken away from her dysfunctional home to her inevitable separation from her baby brother and ultimately being forced to foster care. In a matter of thirteen minutes, the viewer can see and feel everything that Zoe is going through.

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Zoe’s ordeal begins in her own home. She witnesses her own father abusing her mother in front of her. Authorities then show up to arrest him, but in an ironic twist, it is revealed that Zoe’s mom has no interest in pressing charges to protect her children. In fact, all she wants is to prove that her husband is innocent.

Zoe’s home, her brother, her family, and her childhood are all gone in the blink of an eye. She is left to fend for her herself and is unable to settle in with a foster family. Zoe pushes her final foster mom to the limit but is surprised when the woman doesn’t send her away. It turns out that the woman was working on something special for her new daughter, a gift that will be revealed in the end.

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