River Safari is the World’s Largest Freshwater Aquarium

River Safari is the World’s Largest Freshwater Aquarium


The World Record Academy just named the largest freshwater aquarium in the world – River Safari. With a total volume of 2,000 cubic meters, this massive tank found ins Singapore has now been opened to the viewing public.


Although Singapore is already home to the world’s biggest oceanarium, the River Safari puts the country again in spotlight for being the largest freshwater aquarium in the world and for being Asia’s first ever river-themed wildlife park.


In this giant tank, visitors and guests can find some of the world’s river giants, including the giant Siamese cat and the critically endangered Mekong catfish.


The River Safari’s main highlights is the Amazon Flooded Forest Aquarium, which houses about 18 different animal and fish species, such as river otters, manatee, piranha, and the Arapaima. Out of the 300 animal species displayed here, 42 of them are endangered.









The Murray cod, the giant freshwater stingray, puffers, the Mississippi paddlefish, the Goonch catfish, Australian lungfish, and the Tigerfish, are just among the many other fish species featured in the park. Aside from these, there are also amphibians and reptiles, such as the Chinese alligators, giant salamanders, frog-faced soft-shelled turtles, and the Indian gharial.



By the end of the year, the park aims to open an attraction, a 483 meter-long man-made version of the Amazon river that can be traveled using a boat. Here, they will feature animals like tapir, anteaters, and jaguars.


Watch this video about the largest freshwater aquarium below:


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