Sample the World’s Largest Culinary Creations

Sample the World’s Largest Culinary Creations

The Guinness Book of World Records is now stranger to several world records that are related to food.

Man’s constant fascination and obsession with food has resulted in the creation in some of the world’s most amazing and at the same time mind boggling foods. From the sweetest to the saltiest, any culinary creation has been a testament to everyone’s quest to satisfying their food cravings. It was also from this need that gave birth to some of the world’s most astonishing food creations ever made.

If you want to satisfy your cravings to a whole new level, then we suggest you sample the world’s largest culinary creations ever made.

10. World’s Biggest Hot Cup of Coffee (Las Vegas, USA) currently holds the title of the world’s biggest cup of hot coffee which was first unveiled at the Blog World Expo in Las Vegas last 2010. The giant mug measures 8ft x 8ft and contains a whopping 2,010 gallons of coffee. This is equivalent to 32, 160 individuals cups in real life which is more than what most people would drink in their entire lifetime.

9. World’s Biggest Doughnut: Donut King (Australia)

The world’s biggest donut is the creation of Donut King made back in December 2007. This delectable treat was made in celebration of the release of The Simpsons Movie on DVD. The large ring of donuts was created from over 90,000 donuts which contained over half a tonne of pink icing and 30 kg of sprinklers. A total of 40 people working over 90 hours was was created the six meters and 3.5 tonne donut.

8. World’s Largest Commercially Available Pizza (Texas, USA)

The world’s biggest pizza measures about 92.5 inches wide and measures nearly 50 square foot in total is the creation of The Dirt Road Cookers from San Antonio, Texas. This giant pizza took a team of 8 chefs working 2 whole hours for it to be fully made. A special oven was constructed to cook the pizza. The pizza is capable of serving over 100 people.




7. World’s Largest Commercial Hamburger: Mallie’s (USA)

Mallie’s Bar and Grill in Michigan, USA currently holds the record for the world’s biggest hamburger. The burger weighs at an incredible 185.6 pounds and took 12 hours to prepare.

6. World’s Biggest Cookie: Immaculate Baking Company (USA)

The world’s biggest cookie is the creation of the Baking Company in North Carolina, USA back in May of 2003. The cookie measured a total of 30.7 meters in diameter and was made from 18 tonnes of chocolate chip cookie dough. It took a specialized giant oven to cook the cookie.

5. World’s Largest Chocolate Bar:  Thorntons (UK)

The Thornton’s in Derbyshire, England made the world’s biggest chocolate bar. The chocolate measures 4m x 4m and weighs and incredible 5, 792.5 kgs. The bar, which was created on October of 2011, was created as part of the company’s 100 years celebration. The idea of this culinary masterpiece was suggested by a staff who was a big fan of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.




4. World’s Biggest Cheesecake (New York, USA)

Cheesecake is top of many people’s ‘favourite dessert’ lists but even the biggest appetites would struggle to polish off this cake. The huge dessert was created by Philadelphia Cream Cheese in New York, in September 2013 and measured almost 8 ft tall by 3ft wide. The cake was created for the annual Cream Cheese Festival and weighed in at a monstrous 3,130kg; That’s the equivalent of nearly 25,000 individual servings! Thankfully the leftover cheesecake from the festival didn’t go to waste and was donated to local charities.

3. Largest Bottle of Whiskey: Famouse Grouse (Scotland)

The world’s largest bottle of whiskey was created by The Famous Grouse, Perthshire, Scotland, in August 2012. The bottle held an incredible 228 litres of the company’s world famous whiskey. The bottle is nearly 6ft tall and has the equivalent of 9,120 drams of whiskey inside. Due to the bottle’s large size, it had to be handmade in the Czech Republic and had to be transported 1,200 miles to Crieff, Perthshire.




2. Biggest Bottle of Red Wine: Wang Chen Wines (China)

The world’s largest bottle of wine made by Wang Chen Wines in 2010. The wine is over 15ft tall and holds 1,850 litres of wine. It is the equivalent of around 60,000 standard glasses of red wine. This one bottle is enough to satisfy a person’s wine obsession for over 200 years.

1. World’s Biggest Cornish Pasty (Cornwall, UK)

The huge pasty was created by Proper Cornish in Bodmin, Cornwall, in August 2010. The pastry measured about 15ft wide and at about 850 kg. The giant snack contained 165 kg of beef and a sackful of potatoes, onions and swedes. It took 11 hours to bake in a specially designed oven.




Here are more out of this world world records about food.




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