See What Happens When a Tornado Mixes with Fire – WHOA!

See What Happens When a Tornado Mixes with Fire – WHOA!

A fire whirl, also called fire tornado, fire twister, fire devil, or firenado, is basically a whirlwind, but induced by fire and is sometimes made up of ashes and flames. It occurs when fierce wind conditions and extreme rising heat combine and create whirling eddies of air. Once they contract into a tornado-like structure, it sucks combustible gases and burning debris in a certain place. Although they rarely happen, fire whirls actually grow and become real tornadoes.

Fire tornadoes only last for a couple of minutes. As the hot air ascends and cools, its strength subsides, and whatever fuel that powers the fire devil will then burn out. Nevertheless, these masses of fire are extremely dangerous. Its temperature may reach up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. And apart from that, they move quickly, which means they can cause destruction at a considerable distance in a matter of seconds, spreading fire all over an area.

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Here are some photos of fire tornadoes caught on camera in random locations

In Washington

Unkown location

In Hawaii


In Missouri


Some have managed to capture these insane fire tornadoes on film. Watch these videos


This happened in Australia

A firenado in Brazil


This one happened in California

How a firenado is formed


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