This Man Dressed up as Serial Killer Michael Myers to Propose to his Terrified Girlfriend

This Man Dressed up as Serial Killer Michael Myers to Propose to his Terrified Girlfriend

Marriage proposals are seen as the For most people, being confronted on the street by a man dressed as a serial-killing villain would provoke a fight or flight response, but for one horror-obsessed woman and her thoughtful boyfriend, it was the scene of a perfect proposal.

Movie-lovers: Although the video was recorded in October 2014, Katherine only recently felt 'un-embarrassed enough' to share the video recently

Alec Wells, 30, knew that he wanted to do something extra special when it came time to pop the question to his girlfriend Katherine Canipe, also 30. And, given that the two are based in Los Angeles, he decided that he would lure her to the nearby setting of her favorite film to stage the surprise.

‘Katherine is a complete horror movie fanatic,’ Alec told Daily Mail Online. ‘She hosts a podcast about horror movies called, Boys and Ghouls and John Carpenter’s Halloween is her favorite movie of all time.

So, with the south California setting in place, Alec also decided to complete the experience by dressing as the villain from the movie – Michael Myers – and reenacting one of the film’s most terrifying scenes before dropping his knee to propose.

‘It seemed only natural – given that we live so close to the original filming locations – that her proposal come from Michael Myers himself!’ he explained.


For the actual proposal – which was filmed by friends of the couple unbeknownst to Katherine – Alec took inspiration from the famous scene in the 1978 film that sees Michael step out from behind a hedge in front of Jamie Lee Curtis’ character as she walks down the street.

‘It’s such an iconic moment in the film – the first time Michael materializes mere feet away from Jamie Lee Curtis’ character,’ he said. ‘It’s scary and surreal; just the way I wanted to proposal to feel. That sequence was also filmed on the very street where I proposed, so it was kismet.’

Alec’s video of the moment, filmed back when he staged the proposal in October 2014, begins with cutaway clips from Halloween, including shots of scream queen Jamie Lee with Nick Castle as Michael Myers lurking in the background.


Then, Alec is seen on the corner of the ‘Halloween street’ in Pasadena, California, where the movie was filmed.

He’s wearing thick gloves, a jumpsuit and the mask made famous by the serial killer character.

As the creepy theme music from the movie plays, Katherine is seen happily walking down the street, singing with two male friends.




As Alec steps out from behind a wall on the corner, Katherine yelps in surprise and puts her hand to her mouth.


But, instead of running away or fighting the figure, she grins and paces down to where Alec has disappeared back behind the wall.


When she comes to the corner, she sees Alec crouched down with the ring in his hand. He removes the mask and she bursts into tears.


After a few sobs, Katherine says ‘yeah!’ followed by: ‘Are you serious?’ Then, Alec helps her to her feet and the couple embrace.

The idea is made all the more adorable by the fact that Alec knew his love well enough to know that she would not run, nor try to punch him after he jumped out as he did in the video.

‘It’s not easy to scare Katherine,’ he explained. ‘Any time she goes into a haunted house, she seeks out the scares (while I hide behind her back).’

Friends and family agreed with Alec: it was the perfect plan.  According to him, it was only his coworkers – who didn’t know Katherine – ‘who thought my proposal idea was…a little creepy’.


‘Despite their reaction, I stuck to my idea, and I’m glad I did!’

However, he did recognize that Katherine is simply not like other people – including those living in the neighborhood who saw him lurking the streets in the infamous get-up.

‘I did get several terrified looks from neighbors who I’m convinced went home and called 911,’ he said.

Despite being filmed nearly a year ago, Katherine only recently decided to share the video with more than just her closest friends and family.



‘It took me 10 months to get un-embarrassed enough to show anyone but close family and friends this engagement video,’ she wrote on Facebook Tuesday. ‘Hello, ugly crying. The cat’s out of the bag, now, though – be gentle! Oh, and Happy Halloween. It’s August, so I can say that, right?’

Homage: As the proposal was done in the style of Katherine's favorite film, the couple decided to do their engagement photo in the style of Alec's favorite film, Back to the Future

She also posted the video to Reddit, where it quickly gained hundreds of thousands of views. There, she also shared the couple’s incredible engagement photo, which is similarly inspired by a movie: Back to the Future. The post has since been viewed on Imgur over 2.7 million times.

‘My fiancé knows how much I love Halloween, so when it came time to propose, he dressed up as Michael Myers and jumped out at me with a ring,’ Katherine wrote. ‘Perfect proposal. Sooooooo, when it came time to take an engagement photo, I let him decide what we were going to do. GREAT SCOTT, it turned out well!’

The fantastic photo – taken by photographer Ricky Middlesworth – shows the couple dressed as characters Marty McFly and Doc Brown in the style of the Back to the Future and the Back to the Future II film posters – looking as if they are about to step into the film’s iconic DeLorean car.

This choice of homage, as it turns out, is just as thought out as the Halloween-themed proposal.

‘Back to the Future is my favorite movie of all time,’ said Alec. ‘How could it not be – it’s a flawless movie.

Katherine and I decided, since the proposal was done in the style of her favorite movie, it was only fitting that our engagement photos be an homage to my favorite.

‘Ricky Middlesworth helped pull together a shot that I hope would make [director] Robert Zemeckis proud.’

Watch the video to see the actual proposal:


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