The Newest Trend,  Solid Black Tattoos with White Highlights are Absolutely Beautiful

The Newest Trend, Solid Black Tattoos with White Highlights are Absolutely Beautiful

White ink over blackwork tattoos is a trend that reworks a boring old tattoo. Adding white ink creates dimension and a completely new look over black ink that’s fading and turning slate gray. Tattoo artists now consider this a new challenge they can work with. If you’re bold enough, you will have to endure getting a blackwork tattoo. Then, after it heals, your artist will go over it with white ink to complete the trendy new look. Whether you want to cover an old tattoo or you just want to try this new tattoo trend, think long and hard before you decide to have one permanently inked.

A before and after picture showing the amount of work Nathan Mould put on a sleeve.

This work by Nathan Mould shows the before and after images of this full sleeve tattoo.

By Johnny at Skinworks.

By Johnny from Skinworks.

By Wayne Fredrickson.

Done by Wayne Fredrickson.

Can you name the artist of these mandalas in comments please?




You’re not limited to white ink. You can go over the black sleeve with colored ink, as well.


The picture shows colored biomech over blackwork by Roman Abrego.

Cool monkey king sleeve in progress by Heath Todd.

Interesting monkey king sleeve by Heath Todd.

Geometric face by Blackstar Studio.

This is a geometric face by Blackstar Studio.

He was previously known as the "black man" for being fully covered with black ink. Lucky Diamond Rich decided he didn't ran out of space and get a biomech work over his blackwork by Brad Bako. When it seems over, it's not over yet!!!

Before, he was known as Black Man because he was covered with black ink. Then, he got biomech work over his blackwork.

Interesting healed shot of this tattoo by Marco Ogg.




Interesting photo of this tattoo by Marco Ogg.

Labyrinth and bodmod by Corey Divine. You can also lighten blackwork full sleeve with scarifications... if you are bold enough!!!

A Labyrinth and bodmod by Corey Divine. Blackwork can be lightened with scarifications.

Nathan Mould 3

Nathan Mould is one name to know in the geometric tattoo, especially when it comes to white ink over blackwork tattoos.

Nathan Mould is known for his work with geometric tattoos and white ink over blackwork tattoos.

Not a fan of geometry? You can pick the old school option, here by Nick Baldwin.

You can pick this old school option by Nick Baldwin.

Crossed Fingers




Old shool chery blossoms, please credit the artist.

Cherry blossom design.

Tired of your old tribal tattoos? You can pimp them with white ink, keeping with the Polynesian basic idea. Here by Alex Apilando.

Give your tribal tattoos a new look by adding white ink. This one is by Alex Apilando.

The work of Nathan is giving amazing results and he enjoys posting healed pictures of his tattoos, showing that, yes, the white ink is fading but the effect is still very visible.

Nathan’s work has amazing results even though the white ink fades a bit after healing.




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