Here are Some of the Coolest Teachers You You Will Ever Meet at School

Here are Some of the Coolest Teachers You You Will Ever Meet at School


Whether you hate them or love them, teachers will always be a part of our lives. And, that is a fact that you have to accept throughout your life. While most of them gave us difficult quizzes and assignments that made us stay late for several nights, some have done unforgettable things in the classroom that gave students reason to be thankful for having them.

Here are some cool teachers you might want to meet at school:

The Professor that Gave a Jar of Nutella and a Bag of Chips

The Teacher that Allows His Students to Do This

The Teacher that Believes Bill Cosby is Always the Answer

This Teacher that Looks Like Zach Galifianakis

This Cool PHD Teacher Riding His Skateboard to Class


This English Teacher that Knows How to Deal with Students She Failed

This Math Professor that Should be Fired

This Educator that Teaches His Students How to Study

This Math Wizard Who Doesn’t Want His Students to Fail

This Teacher Who is Obviously a Fan of Lady Gaga




This Educator Who Just Had a Memorable Experience During a Parent-Teacher Interview

This Professor Who Thinks The Jersey Shore Can be Educational

This Teacher Who is a Fan of Wolves

This Math Instructor Who Thinks His Wizard is More Powerful than His Student’s Ninja

This Professor Who Makes Fun of His Students During a Tornado

This Teacher Who Knows the Excuses of His Students Very Well

This Professor Who Clearly Sees the Future of Her Student

This Cool Prof that Plays Skyrim


This Professor Who Knows How to Give a Test

This Teacher Who Doesn’t Want to Listen to Her Students’ Rants


This Professor Who is Very Updated About the Rick Rolls Meme

This Educator Who Understands Your Risks

This Teacher Who Wants to Beat You in a Video Game

This Prof Who Knows How to Reply to Messages

Don’t You Wish You Had These Teachers?

This Teacher Who Aspires to be a Rapper


This Teacher Who is Planning a Fun Field Trip

This Teacher Who Gives Recognition to Deserving Students

Don’t You Wish You Had These Teachers?

This Teacher Who Understands What His Students Are Going Through

This Math Professor Who Invented the Batman Logo

This Teacher Who is Trying to Throw an Old Age Question

Don’t You Wish You Had These Teachers?




This Professor Who Stands Up for What He Believes In

Don’t You Wish You Had These Teachers?



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