Take a Trip Down the Rabbit Hole: Inside the Ultimate ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Themed Hotel

Take a Trip Down the Rabbit Hole: Inside the Ultimate ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Themed Hotel

Most us have fantasized about following a rabbit down its hole and going into Wonderland to attend the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. However, you can now realize this dream on Earth, without going into another world. Pack your bags and head straight to England’s southern coast.

For an avid fan of Lewis Carroll‘s classic, Brighton is the perfect getaway as it does not only have one, but two themed rooms, patterned after Alice in Wonderland, where you can stay for the night.

Dubbed as “The Wonderland House in Brighton”, it can accommodate 24 guests, complete with a tea party experience and Queen of Heart bunk beds. However due to its popularity, the house cannot be booked in short notice. However, you can also check out their Looking Glass Cottage with cozy décor, as inspired by the magical story.

Perfect tea party! The large dining room table comes complete with engraved quotes from the book, with them mirrored on the other side and if you are looking at them through a looking glass 

Quirky design! Popular with guests is the French vintage bottle rack, which holds all of the cups. The chairs are shaped like teacups with plush cushions for comfort. The guest of honour can see in the elaborate head seat 

Jacqueline Martin, 37, said she sourced the wallpaper online by getting inspiration from sites like Pinterest  

According to her, every corner of The Wonderland House is specifically designed to recount the magical journey of Alice through Wonderland. Even the chairs are all shaped like teacups.

Various stands also hold desserts such as cakes and cookies.

The mum of three said the property is extremely popular with parties and hen dos, and weekends have to be booked far in advance

Martin stated that the home is a popular choice for family parties, and weekends are usually booked for months.

Visitors can also choose if they want to sleep in the comfy Queen of Heart bunk beds or they want to spend the night on a master bedroom like Alice herself.

The Wonderland vibe of the place will slap you right in the face as you step right into the front door. The ambiance of the house is exquisitely detailed after the book.

As you enter the every room, it will feel like you are thumbing through the chapters of the novel. Rooms with flamingo wallpaper and feather lights are available, as well as crown wallpaper and distorting mirrors in the Queens bedroom.

One of Jacqueline's favourite items in the house are the spoon and knife door handles, which were found on Ebay. She admits she has been looking but can't find any more!




A checkerboard design is strewn across the kitchen floor, like the chess game in Carroll’s second book where each of the characters represent a chess piece, while Alice serves as a pawn in the game.

The house took less than 12 months to construct, with the materials found online, in garage sales, vintage stores, etc.

“I have always been mad about the story and it was my favorite Disney film,” Jacqueline said. “I completed the project while I was pregnant, and the whole family helped out,” she added.

The flamingo room has bespoke fluffy lampshades to denote bird feathers, and themed wallpaper

Purrfect sleep! Alice's room features smiling Cheshire Cats and multiple mirrors, in a nod to the second book in Lewis Carroll's series

The kitchen area has a chequerboard floor, similar to theme of the second novel where the action features around chess moves

Jacqueline said her and her family went round junk yards to collect unique details for the house, and created the house in December 2014 

The white rabbit also makes an appearance

Each corner of this themed house has been lovingly designed and researched by Jacqueline Looking Glass Cottage, also in Brighton is a smaller but charming property, which brought Jacqueline's love of the book to life

The cosy bedrooms feature items like a stack of teacups as a lampshade, flamingo wallpaper, a white rabbit light and vintage mirrors




Meanwhile, the Looking Glass Cottage has a fee of $400 per night, and interested visitors are advised to book their reservations in advance as weekends can get very busy and rooms get filled quickly after becoming available.

“There has been such a great reaction to the house,” Jacqueline boasts.

“I get numerous enquiries daily and I am very lucky as there is hardly any damage as people love the house as much as I do.”


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