The 27-Year-Old ‘Boy’ Who Failed to Hit Puberty

The 27-Year-Old ‘Boy’ Who Failed to Hit Puberty

At 27, Brandon still hasn’t reached puberty. He suffers from an incredibly rare genetic condition called Kallmann syndrome, which is characterized by a delay or absence of puberty. Brandon states that he has not experienced voice deepening, growth of facial hair, and has underdeveloped sexual organs, which in turn has affected his sex drive.

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In the television show The Doctors, Brandon admits that he is undergoing a daily struggle. He has difficulty finding a job because employees don’t believe his age or credit his experience. He also worries that he might not have any children because he doesn’t have any drive to approach women.

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Brandon has a severe hormonal imbalance, something which caused a strain in his marriage, which later resulted in divorce. Doctors advised him to undergo an MRI, wherein he was finally diagnosed with the said condition. In addition to that, he also found out that he has a delayed taste and smell.

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Brandon has since set up a GoFundMe page to assist with the hormonal therapy he has to undergo. He hopes that one day he may be able to lead a normal life and bear children of his own.


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