The Best Motorcycles & Motorbikes on the Road Today

The Best Motorcycles & Motorbikes on the Road Today

Why ride a motorcycle when you can ride in the comfort of your car? Riding a motorcycles are not something everyone have to do but it is something that compels some adventurous spirits. Reasons from practicality to passion may varied. The thrill of riding and being one with a two-wheeled machine and feeling the rush of winds add to the appeal of riding motorcycles.

Also, it enhances one’s ride on what kind of bike he/she is driving. Here are some of the best motorcycles in the world today.

Ducati 1199 Panigale S Tricolore


Tricolore celebrates “Made in Borgo Panigle” and all its technological excellence. The bike is set-upped with Ducati performance exhaust, ABs and the all new telemetry which is housed in the latest-generation DDA+. The bike also utilizes GPS signals.

Ducati 1098 R Troy Bayliss Edition


1098R is a celebration to Bayliss’s 3rd world championship. The bike has sand-cast crankcases and cylinder heads. These makes for a lighter weight and closer tolerances. 1098R has a high-compression pistons using MotoGP technology, titanium connecting rods and valves. With a 1198cc displacement, the bike wears a 63.9 mm throttle bodies with dual injectors. This result to a 180-hp engine at 9,750 rpm and 99-lb of torque.

Vyrus 987 C3 4V V

987 C3 4V V - 3293_313213957_original


More powerful than Ducati’s Desmosedici RR, MV Agusta’s F4 312RR, Suzuki’s Hayabusa or Kawasaki’s ZZR1400, Vyrus 987 C3 4V V superbike is the latest offer from the bike makers known for creating the Bimota Tesi 2D.Vyrus runs a 211 bhp supercharged 1198cc 1098R Ducati engine and only weighs 158 kg. The hub-centre-steered monster surely leapfrogged past superbikes in terms of power and speed.

Harley Davidson CVO Breakout

CVO Breakout - 3467_220640878_original

CVO Breakout - 3467_220640886_original

Equipped with Twin Cam 110B engine and a 110-cid V-Twin that can power out 112 ft.lbs. of peak torque, CVO Breakout has the best power-to-weight ratio of any CVO model. The bike features a two paint schemes that have hand-polished steel sections on the fuel tank and fenders. Due to the amount of manual finishing in the body makes each CVO Breakout body a unique work.




Bimota DB7 Oronero

DB7 Oronero - 3478_212207856_original

Made with carbon fiber throughout its body, the superbike offers the ultimate combination of strength and light weight. DB7 is an exciting evolution with technically advanced chassis to harness the Ducati 90-degree V-twin engine. With the seat height at just 80 cm, the saddle is pushed far forward as possible for a short reach to the clip-ons. This Bimota superbike is very responsive and surefooted with supreme agility and stability that a rider needs for a bike. The bike is also very exclusive making the rider stand out in any crowd.

Ducati Diavel Cromo

Diavel Cromo - 3496_210237588_original


Chromium-plated tank that contrasts with the stylish gloss black paint, give this Diavel a very cool look.

CRS DUU 1900


Born in the small CR&S workshop in Milan, CR&S DUU is quite exclusive. Designed with the Italian style of sporty rolling chassis combined with a muscular American big-twin engine, the bike is like no other. Just with one look, riders would be tempted with the engine’s fins pure shape that surprisingly lacks a radiator. CR&S DUU is certainly an exquisite superbike.

Erik Buell Racing Erik Buell Racing 1190RS

Erik Buell Racing 1190RS - 3518_300238989_original

This road bike is mostly hand-built and designed bike. With a 175 hp and weighing 176 kg, the road bike is certainly powerful. The bike is also made of top quality materials from Ohlins front fork, rear TTX shock and a purpose-built EBR braking system, the bike doesn’t only passes the look department but also the quality department too.

MV Agusta F4 RR

F4 RR - 3527_210239340_original

F4 RR - 3527_210239342_original

Created to provide the most exhilarating riding experience, MV Agusta F4 RR bikes are built using the most exotic materials. Each unit is equipped with very sophisticated suspension and the new 1000cc short-stroke engine. This makes the F4 RR bikes the most advanced and powerful superbikes in the world.




Ecosse Heretic Titanium

Heretic Titanium - 3666_241840368_original

Ecosse Heretic Titanium was launched in 2008. It features cutting edge technology with gorgeous looks. The bike features the first-ever all titanium chassis along with hand crafted carbon fiber bodywork. Equipped with 2,150cc billet motor engine, the bike can generate up to 200-hp. This exclusive and expensive bike comes with engraved sequential numbers. The bike is also designed to give the rider the most comfort with an adjustable foot controls and suspension that can be adjusted according to the rider’s preference.

Icon Sheene 1400CC

Icon Sheene 1400CC - 3680_223894754_original

Icon Sheene 1400CC - 3680_223894758_original

With a turbocharged 1400cc Suzuki four cylinder engine that can pump out over 250 bhp, this bike is surprisingly road legal. The bike was made as a tribute to racing legend and double world champion Barry Sheene. Only 52 of these iconic superbike will be made.

Harley Davidson Panhead by DK Motorrad

Panhead by DK Motorrad - 4046_220655504_original

The newest creation of Christian de Kant of DK Motorrad is a custom Harley Davidson 1949 Panhead. Entirely rebuilt while staying true to the choppers of many years ago. The bike has major components such as the engine, frame are from the original 1949 bike but built to be more reliable. Foot pegs, sissy bar, handle bars and exhausts are entirely handmade. The bike has a 16-inch rear wheel and a 21-inch front wheel that are wrapped in Avon tires.

EBR 1190SX Streetfighter

Erik Buell Racing is a Wisconsin-based motorcycle manufacturer. The company is known to create amazing street bikes and racing bikes. In 2014, it released this powerful streetfighter called EBR 1190SX. This bike is powered by a V-twin engine, which churns out 185hp and 100 lbs-ft of torque.

Paton Strada S1

Paton is a Milan-based bike manufacturer, which has decades of experience in the automobile industry. In 2014, the company created its first street-legal motorbike, the S1 Strada. The bike can reach a top speed of 130 mph.


Hollywood star Keanu Reeves is a bike enthusiast. He teamed up with bike manufacturer Gard Hollinger to launch the Arch Motorcycle Company. Futuristic-looking KRGT-1 is the first product of the company. This bike is powered by V-Twin engine with a capacity of 2,032 cc.




Indian Scout

Indian was one of the popular American motorbike manufacturers during the first half of the twentieth century. Scout, which was produced between 1920 and 1946, was its most popular model. The company released a new version of Scout in 2014. The new version of Scout is a middleweight cruiser. It is powered by an 1133cc V-twin engine.

Ducati Diavel Titanium


Ducati is in immensely popular brand. Its Ducati Diavel Titanium bike is powered by Testastrella 162 hp engine. The bike’s windscreen, mudguard and air intakes make it unique. Titanium is used for the covers on the headlight and the gas tank.

Kodewa Lotus C-01

German racing team Kodewa released a sleek new motorcycle in 2014. It was called Lotus C-01. This impressive bike features a high-tech frame made from carbon fiber, titanium and aerospace quality steel. It is powered by a 1.2 liter V-twin engine.

Lauge Jensen & Henrik Fisker’s Viking

Danish customized motorbike maker Lauge Jensen and automobile designer Henrik Fisker offered a one off concept called Viking in 2014. This awesome bike is clean, sleek and elegant. It features a carbon composite frame, which is lightweight and sturdy.

Akrapovic Full Moon

The Full Moon concept is one of the most attractive bikes unveiled in 2014. It was created by Akrapovic, in collaboration with Dreamachine Motorcycles. The bike is equipped with an S&S Knucklehead 1,524cc engine and features two modified custom-made exhausts.

Lightning LS-218

There is a general belief that electric vehicles are not fast. The lightning LS-218 is here to change that perception. This motorbike is powered by a 200 hp engine that outputs 168 lb-ft of torque, enabling the bike to reach a top speed of 350 kmph.

Kawasaki Ninja H2R

Japanese company Kawasaki’s Ninja H2R boasts a massive supercharged 998 cc incline-4 DOHC engine, which can develop a whopping 300 hp. It can reach a top speed of around 400 kmph.




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