The Blue Ghost Tunnel is Sure to Send Chills Down Your Spine

The Blue Ghost Tunnel is Sure to Send Chills Down Your Spine

The Screaming Tunnel or the Blue Ghost Tunnel in St. Catharines, Ontario is known to be surrounded with so many mysteries. This haunted spot is highly dreaded because of its urban legend stories about rail accidents, buried cemetery and paranormal activities.

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Warning Graffiti on the Way to the Tunnel

Blue Ghost Tunnel

Blue Ghost Tunnel

On Top of the Blue Ghost Tunnel

Blue Ghost Tunnel

Also called as the “Merritton Tunnel”, the Blue Ghost Tunnel was constructed in the late 1870s under one of the Welland Canals that connect Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. It measures 713 feet and was built of Queenstone limestone. It was used for more than thirty years before an advanced rail line swing bridge was built.

First View - Blue Ghost Tunnel


Gate. Blue Ghost Tunnel
The Gate is Open . . .

In 1903, a rail accident happened in the tunnel. St. Catharines Daily Standard Newspaper reported the incident below:

On the Grandtrunk rail line near Merritton, a serious and fatal accident occurred near the Merritton Tunnel today. The accident occurred around 7:03 am at a point about 100 yards from the tunnel’s western entrance. Engine Number 975 was an 80 ton mogul train to leave from Niagara Falls at 6:00 am each morning and run through to Hamilton. Engine Number 4 express train was one of the best and fastest trains on the G.T.R. and was scheduled to arrive in Merriton at 6:28 am . . . As nearly as can be learned it was 7:03 am when the ill-fated express train passed a small telegraph station near the tunnel. A few moments later and almost one third of a mile down the track, the engine of the express train and the light mogul train met with a terrible crash. Both engines at the time of the collision were in full steam when they met head on. The accident happened on a sharp curve where both engineers could not see each other for a distance of 200ft. The estimated speed of both trains were about 22MPH at the time of the collision.”

It was further reported that Charles Horning, one of the firemen who responded to the accident, was killed right away and another fireman, Abraham Desult, died five hours after he was brought to the hospital due to serious burns in his body.

Darkness. Blue Ghost Tunnel
Looking Back. Blue Ghost Tunnel.


Wooden Beam. Blue Ghost Tunnel.

The accident caused people to come up with horror stories about the tunnel, especially after some of them found blue wisps inside. They believed they are the spirits of the two firemen who died in the rail mishap, while others claimed it is a blue mist haunting the tunnel along with dog prowls during night time.

Some also believe the fog are from the souls of the graves from St. Peter’s Cemetery, which can be found nearby. The said cemetery was flooded in the 1920s to make way for a reservoir. Human remains were also found in the area in 2009 after the water level sank very low.

Watch the Blue ghost captured in the video below


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