The Creepy Sensabaugh Tunnel Where Ghosts Live

The Creepy Sensabaugh Tunnel Where Ghosts Live

The Sensebaugh Tunnel:

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One of the many famous sites for various paranormal activities is the tunnel.

This underground passageway which often served as an alternative route for local traffic has also developed a reputation for being one of the most haunted sites on the road. One such example is the Senesbaugh Tunnel that sits at the foothills of East Tennessee.


Located off the Big Elm Road in Kingsport, Tennessee, the tunnel was believed to have been constructed during the 1920’s but now sits in disrepair with several graffiti spread across the face of its walls.¬†It is believed that the haunted nature of tunnel is accredited to the the tunnel being the site of grizzly murders, death, and even satanic rituals.

Locals who live int he nearby tunnel has warned visitors from venturing into the said structure. It has been reported that the tunnel has become the site where demonic apparitions appear, where car engines die out of the blue and where the eerie shrieks of trapped women and babies would echo.

The said tunnel was named after the land owner upon which it was built named Edward Sensabaugh. There are several versions of how this man is portrayed in several local stories but this has been credited to be one of the reasons that started the hauntings in the particular site.

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