Rare Golden Tiger

The Majestic Rare Golden Tiger

Also known as strawberry tigers, the golden tigers literally glow because of their recessive gene, which cause beautiful variations to their colors. These are the normal orange-colored tigers born with receding modifying genes. Golden tigers are very rare, with only thirty of them existing all over the globe.

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Golden Tiger
Golden White Tiger

The first golden tiger cub born while in custody was from DeLand, Florida at Dr. Josip Marcan’s Adriatic Animal Attractions. It was an offspring of two Bengal tigers of golden and white colors.


Sleeping Golden Tiger
Relaxing Golden Tiger

Some of the most notable golden tigers that lived were Samara from Dream World in Australia, Diamond from Isle of Wight Zoo in UK, who also has a sister that carries the same golden gene, and Sitarra from St. Augustine Wild Reserve in North Florida.


Bhim Tiger

All golden tabby tigers appear to be traceable to a white tiger called Bhim, a white son of a part-white Amur tiger named Tony which is considered to be a common ancestor of all white tigers in North America. Bhim was a carrier of the wide band gene and transmitted this to some of his offspring.

Yawning Golden Tiger


Golden Tiger Getting Wet
Fierce Golden Tiger

It has also been reported that wild golden tigers were seen in India during the early 1900s. It was said that their golden color came about because of the heavy clay concentration in the place where they lived and that they used the same clay color as camouflage. This assumption has never been confirmed though.

An example of a golden tiger is in Dream World in Australia. Samara, a normal orange tigress, had been mated with nearly-stripe less white male tiger, Mohan. Her litter included one normal orange cub (Sultan), the first white tiger born in Australia (Taj, also nearly stripe-less), and the first two tabby-colored tigers (male Rama and female Sita) born in Australia.

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