Heartwarming story of a dog

Heartwarming Story About Fallen Marine’s Dog

They say that a dog is a man’s best friend. This statement is especially true for Max, a Belgian Malinois-German Shepherd breed, who helped the US Marines in the war in Afghanistan, but returns home from service, traumatized by his master’s death.

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In a clip featuring Max, you will see how the dog wanted his handler U.S. Marine Kyle Wincott to stay far away from him, while he inspected a location. It was a good thing what he did, because after a few seconds, an explosion happened. And although Max got hurt, his master was saved, along with the rest of the marines.

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Despite his wounds, dog was able to recover fast with the help of his master. Everyone was proud of the marine and his dog, especially their loved ones.

After the incident, the duo continued to fulfill their duties by serving the US government and helping in putting an end to the war. However, in an unfortunate event, Kyle got heavily wounded and died. And, Max, traumatized by the loss of his best friend, was sent home.

Max with His Budd
Max Crying

As Max got too close with his master, he could not work with anyone else. He easily became furious when somebody got near him. Despite this, the dead marine’s younger brother, Justin, decided to handle the responsibility of taking care of the dog, even if he had his own issues like living up to his father’s expectations.

And, although he wasn’t really interested in shouldering the responsibility of his brother’s dog, he still gave it a try. At first, the Max was hesitant and didn’t want to be touched. After a while though, he started to become comfortable with Justin.

Max Saves The Day

In one touching scene, Max was so scared of the fireworks that he kept barking and barking. But, Justin came to his rescue and calmed him down. He went inside the cage and let the dog sleep in his lap.

When the deceased marine’s best friend, Tyler, paid the family a visit, Max went wild and ran angrily to him. This made Justin suspicious about the visiting marine. And, this was compounded by what the other marines had to say about his brother’s friend. According to some of them, “Tyler is someone you should stay away from. I am talking about some bad business here”.

Because of the incident, Justin started to appreciate his dog companion and Max was able to get back to his heroic self.

Best Friend

Then, Max, Justin, and his friends embarked on a journey in search for answers about his brother’s death. Even with all the dangers, they race against time to unravel the unsolved mystery.

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