The Mercedes Robo-Car of the Future…WHOA!

The Mercedes Robo-Car of the Future…WHOA!

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The F 015 is like one big hodge-podge of futuristic technological concepts. The sleek, pod-looking car is operated by a fuel cell hybrid powertrain that powers the car up to 684 zero-emission miles (1,100 km), 560 (900 km) of these on fuel cell-derived electricity and 124 (200 km) on battery power. Mercedes gives no official announcement as to what specific combination of batteries, fuel cells and motors supports that heavy claim, though.

Mercedes also remains pretty silent about the outside of the car besides stating the obvious – “low-slung front end, smooth and streamlined roof line, flat front windscreen.”

Instead of getting weighed down in minuscule details, Mercedes focuses on the real highlight of the concept, the lounge-style interior. The swiveling front seats can face forward like in a regular car, but since this car let’s the driver give up any and all responsibilities of automobile operation, they have the option to swing around to face their passengers in the back, creating a roomy space inside  that promises to make riders of even the Maybach S600 feel a bit cramped in comparison. The seats automatically swivel 30 degrees outward when the doors are opened, which makes getting in and out a lot easier.

Футуристичный концепт-кар Mercedes F015 представлен в Детройте 1

Passengers of the pod car can take advantage of their new face-to-face seating to converse amongst themselves, but who opts for real-life conversation when they can lose themselves in a world of Youtube videos and Facebook? The “digital arena” of the F 015 keeps passengers connected by way of six high-resolution displays integrated into the instrument and side panels. The displays can be operated by touch, gesture control and eye tracking.


“We have a master plan in place to take the big leap required, getting from technically feasible to commercially viable,” says Dr Dieter Zetsche, Daimler AG chairman and head of Mercedes-Benz Cars. “The F 015 Luxury in Motion demonstrates where this may take us.”

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While you wait for that journey to unfold, you can get an idea of what the destination will look like, both inside and outside, in Mercedes’ F 015 video below.

Watch the video below


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