The Sexiest Men You’ll Ever See in or Out of Uniform

The Sexiest Men You’ll Ever See in or Out of Uniform

The most beautiful men in law enforcement and fire protection work hard to keep us safe every day. It’s only appropriate to show our appreciation with a little male gaze.


Guilherme Leão, Brazil’s hottest subway guard

Hot cop hysteria reached a fever pitch in March when BuzzFeed uncovered the Instagram of Guilherme Leão, a man previously known only as Tumblr’s much-loved and mysterious Brazilian subway patrol officer. It was revealed that the 22-year-old beefcake works as a security guard at a subway stop in São Paulo, and since going viral, he’s been named the hottest subway security guard as voted by tourists and one of the top reasons to visit Brazil in general.


Chris Korhs, Hot Cop of the Castro

It took much less time to identify the Hot Cop of the Castro as officer Chris Korhs, thanks to the handy Facebook fan page that was launched in his honor in early July. Receiving over 10,000 likes within a week, Korhs was the Internet’s antidote to that awful viral mug shot guy who “captured our hearts and blah blah” around the same time. It’s probably best that he’s required to wear a uniform while on the job — you know we’d intentionally break the law if there were a chance he’d pin us down shirtless.


The Shirtless New South Wales Firemen

Australia’s finest firefighters come together once a year to raise funds for The Children’s Hospital at Westmead by stripping down and fighting flames with abs between the pages of their annual calendar. The New South Wales calendar is the highest-selling firefighter calendar globally, and the boys have raised over $1.1 million since its launch in 2005.


Jon Boyer, Kitten Rescuer

The Internet fell in love with Baltimore police officer Jon Boyer after he appeared on Facebookcuddling a kitten he had rescued and later adopted. The 26-year-old was named one of the Sexiest Cat Guys of 2013 and became a spokesperson for “Show Your Soft Side“, a public campaign that shows “hard men” snuggling with kittens. He now uses his Facebook fan page to post adoption notices and more photos of himself with kittens oh my god go follow him.



The Colorado Firefighters

The hunky men who douse the flames of Colorado’s most dangerous fires are not nearly as famous as some of their law enforcement brothers on this list, but they should be! Each year, the hottest firefighters from around the state get together for a high-concept calendar shoot to benefit the Children’s Hospital Colorado Burn Center. Of all the firefighter calendars in every state, we think this is one of the best.

larry dePrimo

Larry DePrimo, Hot Cop with A Heart

We had to fan up our skirt the first time we saw officer Larry DePrimo, one of the NYPD’s few goodeggs, selflessly buying a pair of winter boots for a homeless man on the street in New York City. The “random act of kindness” became a viral sensation after photos of the encounter were posted on Facebook, but DePrimo will live forever as the Hot Cop with A Heart on Tumblr, where several of his real-life, pinup-style shots are still going strong.


Jake Genesis, Porn Star Cop

Former gay porn star and controversial “I Found Jesus” convert Jake Genesis may have gone crazy in the end, but he spent nearly a year making your hot-cop-turned-gay-porn-star fantasies come true as a legit former Oakland police officer taking loads and giving face at Lucas Entertainment. Details of his extremely boring life and Christian conversion can be found here, while photos of him attending a gay porn awards event in full uniform (because of course) are here (NSFW).

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 8.58.46 AM

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 8.58.53 AM

Mysterious Tumblr Cop

It’s safe to assume this mysterious kid is just a twink playing dress-up for his live cam viewers, not an actual cop. His costume-like badge and library of shirtless selfies have been taunting the Internet for what seems like centuries, and despite being one of the most recognizable men from the “hot cop” category (he inspired Tumblr’s “Arrest Me Officer” meme), his name and likeness are still a complete mystery. We’re including him here because there’s a sliver of a chance he’s an actual police officer. Stranger things have happened.

(Update: An eagle-eyed commenter has identified Mysterious Tumblr Cop as Hollister model Dustin McNeer. Not a cop. Still hot.)


Candid Spanish Cop


Another completely anonymous hot cop made famous by the horndog tween Tumblr fandom. Even though this man has no name or story, he boasts over 12,000 reblogs and can be traced to an original source that offers a beautiful description: “A cop. This is a cop from Zaragoza, Spain. Fuck. No, he’s not a stripper. Fuck.”

French “Call Me Maybe” Firemen

Out of the ashes of 2009’s shirtless military men dancing to Britney Spears phase rose the most recent uniformed men in a viral parody video, the hunky French firefighters who almost lost their jobs for recording a cheeky “Call Me Maybe” video while on the job. We’re pretty sure everyone involved ended up keeping their jobs, but if not, we have a few side jobs we’re willing to pay them for…

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