The Odd Life of Unsold Cars That End Up in Parking Graveyards

The Odd Life of Unsold Cars That End Up in Parking Graveyards

Economic downturns affect almost everyone, and the auto industry isn’t spared from it. When car dealers start releasing cars that no one can afford to buy because of economic downturns, these cars end up in the manufacturers’ hand. The only way for them to keep them is to find large parking lots where these cars can be stored until they are sold.

Because of the large number of cars, the parks end up looking like a huge crowds for an event. Take a look at some aerial photos.

Sunderland, United Kingdom

Upper Heyford, Bicester, Oxfordshire





Port of Civitavecchia, Italy

Northamptonshire, England




Newark, New Jersey

Port of Baltimore, Maryland

Avonmouth, United Kingdom




Port of Valencia, Spain

Swindon, United Kingdom

St. Petersburg, Russia

The scenery looks like a graveyard for cars, and they eat up a lot of space, space that could have been used for even more important things. It’s hard to blame the manufacturers for doing this. Either they find a parking lot to store the cars in or have them all destroyed and discarded as waste.




Watch a video of a graveyard of unsold cars below.

Now here’s a video featuring one of the largest graveyards of old cars.