The World’s Most Unique Amusement Parks

The World’s Most Unique Amusement Parks


Over the years, many theme parks have opened in various places all over the world. While many of these are referred to as the happiest of all places, there are some that are just so weird. Take a look at some of the world’s most bizarre amusement parks.

Fantazy Land

Fantazy Land, located in Alexandria, Egypt, is one dangerous theme park. Although still operational, their rides are partly demolished and rusted. The entrance fee for locals is 1.50 pounds and 30 pounds for tourists.

Dickens World

Located in Kent, England, the Dickens World promises a darker and smokier London that is filled with odd smells and mist. The place is inspired by the industrial revolution of the United Kingdom, more or less similar to that of a Tim Burton movie set.

Dickens World features animatronic ghosts from the film, A Christmas Carol, as well as a boat ride that takes you to the depths of a London sewer. It also has a Victorian School with a nasty schoolmaster.




The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Since 2006 to 2014, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter has been slowly unveiled in stages at the Universal Orlando Resort. Finally, avid Harry Potter fans can now explore the world of the boy who lived, particularly in Hogwarts.

Pedro Land

At Pedro Land, you can enjoy your day with almost anything – playing mini-golf or riding a glass elevator up a tall tower. The place even boasts the coolest billboard advertisements ever.




Though it looks like it’s constantly under construction, the Diggerland is a paradise for almost all young boys. It makes everyone fulfill their dreams of playing in huge sandbox and trailers.

There are plenty of things that one can do here – drive a police car, host stag parties, and celebrate corporate events.


Mukluk Land

Mukluk Land is one unique destination. Despite its location, it features fascinating attractions like a large Alaskan cabbage, mini-golf, and a skee ball.

Among all the place’s attraction, the Mukluk, suspended between trees and decorated with white balls, is the most popular.




Limestone Heritage

Situated on the Island of Malta, the Limestone Heritage theme park is a destination for all ages because of its interesting stones with wax figures and historic vehicles.



While Dubailand is still under development, it is expected to become a huge theme park once completed in 2020. It occupies about 3-billion square foot of land.

Dubailand will feature the Great Dubai Wheel, which will be the biggest on the planet. According to reports, the ferris wheel will become the second highest in the world, next to the 200-meter high structure in Shanghai, China. The Dubai SnowDome, which looks similar to that of the movies, will also be constructed here.

Dubailand will also have a modern “super-mall”, which will be called City of Arabia. It will be complete with monorail transport and dinosaurs. In order to get inside the city, one has to pass through a flock of dinosaurs.




Hershey Park

At Hershey Park, there are giant huggable Hersheys chocolates wandering freely. There are even hot steamy chocolate kisses that are popping water out of nowhere. Apart from the chocolates, Hershey Park also features vintage cows. They are named Gabby, Harmony, and Olympia.


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