This Hotel Was Abandoned For Years – The Reason Is Really Shocking

This Hotel Was Abandoned For Years – The Reason Is Really Shocking


If one day, you see yourself traveling the clouded jungles of Columbia, there is a great possibility that you might come across an odd structure near the Tequendama Falls – an old creepy mansion. At first look, you will see that it seems like a set of a horror movie, but rest assured this building is the real thing. Though it is now famed as the Tequendama Falls Museum of Biodiversity and Culture, it used to be a hotel. It was called Hotel del Salto. Legends say that the hotel was abandoned after a series of paranormal activities haunted the place and some geographical forces drove people away.

Built by architect Carlos Arturo Tapias in 1923, this mansion was once the symbol of the elite people of Columbia.

Built in 1923 by architect Carlos Arturo Tapias, the original mansion served as a symbol of Colombia's elite. hotel

For about 3 decades, the rich and the famous used this venue to socialize and party with other members of the higher circle.

Not only does the building look beautiful, it is also offers a stunning view. From almost all windows of the mansion, you can see the Tequendama Falls.


Through the years, visitors started treating the place more like a hotel than a party venue. Because of that, the owners decided to make it a hotel instead.

Over time, guests began treating the mansion more like a hotel than a party palace, so the owners decided to run with that idea.

The owners then wanted to start construction in 1950 to build Columbia’s most extravagant hotel ever.

All of a sudden, nobody wanted to go to the place anymore.

But suddenly, nobody wanted to visit the mansion anymore. hotel





According to locals, one of the reasons the hotel was abandoned was water pollution.



One of the reasons behind this abandonment was water pollution.

Today, the river located nearby remains the second most polluted waterway in the world. It has a foul smell that visitors are asked to bring an inhaler with them to survive the bad odor.

However, there was something more frightening hidden in the mountains that scare people away.

But there was also something much scarier afoot in these mountains that drove people away.

Before, they believed that native men used to jump from these cliffs as a way to escape attacks and after this, they turn into eagles. So, the rich folks tried to recreate the entire scene, which has then led to several deaths. Since then, their ghosts started to haunt the mansion and the surrounding area.



It was only during 1990 when the building got a total makeover.

It wasn't until 1990 that the building got a makeover.

The former hotel is now a museum, dedicated to the biodiversity of Colombia. Every year, various public exhibitions take place here.

Regardless of how wonderful the place might be, we cannot deny the fact that it has caused humans to suffer, particularly because of the effects of its polluted surroundings. Today, visitors are urged to be very mindful of where they’re at and to avoid walking down the dark halls at night.


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