Drunk Cop Gives a Sobriety Test – Amazing Video

Drunk Cop Gives a Sobriety Test – Amazing Video

Apparently, if you get pulled over in the state of Louisiana and your blood alcohol level is lower than the cops who stopped you, you’re free to go. No, we’re not kidding.

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This video of the tipsy cop was recorded on November 13, 2007, by a dash cam. The cameras rolled as a very wobbly officer hops out of his squad car in order to pull over a white SUV. The cop walks—or stumbles—toward the car and tries his best to keep balance. While checking driver’s license, the ID card slips from his hands and the inebriated cop can barely manage to lift that card off the ground.

When the driver admits to having a few beers, the cop takes driver’s beer cans and opens one himself. He tells the driver he will then be charged with driving with an open container, even though the officer did it himself. After searching the driver and forcing him against the car, the cop finally admits he too “had a couple!” That’s when he says this rather shocking deal: “If your blood alcohol level is lower than mine, I’ll let you get out of here!” Aint’ that some justice?


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First, the cop tries to give a demonstration how to perform a sobriety test, “tries” being the operative word because the officer is clearly hammered. He even admits that he, himself, had given many sobriety tests. However, even the cop fails in his own sobriety test while laughing. He says the full alphabet while giving the demonstration; however, he can’t walk a straight line if his life depends on it.

When the driver says that he is ready for the test, the cop stops him and asks him to watch again. He again starts the demonstration, but this time, the driver does not waste time and quickly runs back to his driver seat and drives off while the cop is still in his drunken stupor. When cop realizes what happened, he runs toward the car but can’t catch up.

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Moral of the story is, don’t drink and drive, especially if you’re an officer of the law!

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